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Chance Ice

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hey bro. I played the game on my channel, It was just a fun little thing I put together, and I initially wasnt going to even show it to you, but it was just a silly video for me and my subscribers. But seeing that you like to see videos done on your game I thought I should at least ask if you want to see it.

I have a question, I am a beginning developer, I was wondering how you got your game "Out there, did you send it to youtubers or did people just randomly find your game and played it. Any advice is appreciated.

Very nice interesting game, a diamond in the rough, I was luck enough to find it when scrolling through the recently added section. An interesting game, take time on the kickstarter campaign, to make it the best you can, and keep going bro. :)

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Hey, just a quick question, how long has this post been up on itch, and what did you do to get it near the top of the page (im a new developer looking for help to get noticed) thank you :) also what engine do you use?

hope you enjoy! any feed back or problems is appreciated

Hi there, I am excited to play your game but i have a question (i am a starting out developer). how did you get this game to the front page of the website? did you pay money or some other way? second question, how many times has this game been downloaded, or is there no way to check that?