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Chai Trappuccino

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played this on stream. too many waffles.

I played this game on my stream. I didn't think there would be a monster initially, but I was hoping for a cutscene or for you to be able to climb onto the monster for a greater vertical advantage to get to another area. Solid 9/10, could be longer.

This game was magnificent. It brought me to tears. I played it on my stream, and I have to say, it deserves more awards than the Interstellar movie. Please make a sequel, we are begging. The story of teleporting down to a planet and retrieving an egg is crucial to mankind's entertainment. We request a sequel to this game ASAP. Thank you.

- Human 4,994,256,155.

Played this game on stream, and I'm glad to see that it got updated after not having checked it for a year or so.

I played this game on stream and saw the cursed room.
My flight got cancelled, but that's okay. :)

I played this game on my stream, and I loved the dog! I wish you could have implemented an option to pet the dog before putting it into the tea. :)

I played this game on my stream and I was thoroughly confused the entire time. I wish it was longer, and had some more coherent details to it, maybe even a sequel.

I played this on my stream and I wish it was longer. :Pog:

I played this game on my stream, and I just wanted to let you know that I think you should consider making this into a full project or expand upon it after the game jam.

I tried this game out on stream, and I thought the robot spider part would be more terrifying, but I liked the eerieness of a forest and broken down work facility. It's not like something you'd see in a normal horror game. Many others have described this atypical.

I played this game on stream, and I gotta say it's really frightening. I didn't even realize the person was running after you, I just looked at a door and I thought I could open it. This game should be banned for being so grotesque and scary. Thank you.

I played this game on stream, and I gotta say that, while it was short, it was a very pleasant and surreal experience. I wish there was more building involved, but I'm glad it wasn't physics-based because that would be a hassle. I loved this!

I played this on stream, and I screwed up the Air Hockey. Absolutely a 10/10. Keep up the good work!

I played this game on stream.

I think the controls could be a little more optimized.

I played this game on stream and it was way more funnier than it was scary. Though the light going out in the bathroom kind of jumpscared me.

I streamed this two days ago on my Twitch!

I played this game on stream at my Twitch!

And I thoroughly enjoyed it despite being quite confused. All of the smells seem to be randomly generated, but it was fun to see planes taking off regardless!

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i played this on stream at my twitch page!
and it was entertaining, but I feel like it should be more than just cleaning up blood stains. Some of the dialogue was really funny!

used your bird game generator as a profile pic
love your games


It's sad that isn't really a popular service. I wish this game was more popular!