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I will stop working on this project indefinitely. Which also means that I'm not going to submit anything for this jam. Not much progress, if any, from last update. I've   gotten used to the engine, and I guess I've also learned prototyping a bit. I'll take it as a win.

I started the project with a vague idea and only focused on some (apparently complicated) mechanic. The problem is that, though going solo, I really didn't do anything about all the other stuff. Was kinda putting it away for later, my motivation got thinner, and school said hi. In short, I overestimated myself, motivation and capability,  especially for the 2nd week.

Thanks for everyone who visited this devlog, and sorry to disappoint. Still, good luck to those who are still working on their project! 

Man, physics-based games are hard to make... and my foundation so far has been kinda wobbly. Still, daily logs first:

  • Day 7: Not much added. Copy-pasted some things from day 5's work. Added a "pull" mechanic but it's way harder to make it feel right than I imagined. Also, jump-thru platforms being jump-thru, when the player falls with certain angle they just go thru.

  • Day 8: Tweaked around the player's speed a bit. This time I really feel the disconnection between the player's built-in behavior and the "add force" actions. The player's speed from the behavior is completely separate from the forces. I can make it so that the force decreases over time using the player's gravity, walk speed etc. into the calculation, but I don't feel like putting in the work... Plus the swinging motion is just setting the player's position each frame, no forces at work. And I'm running low on motivation. No gifs today.

So, euhh, actually, mechanics-wise I've put in almost everything that I have in mind for the jam period. I'm thinking of adding a way to adjust the length of the swing while swinging and adding some sort of "lives" thing. I'm not even planning to make a main menu. The big thing I'll have to work on next would be level design. Either one simple level, with maybe some coins to collect in certain hard-to-reach places, or make it a scrolling map, some race with time...?

Just... physics games are about momentum , either real or just feels-like, or at least I think that's what they're about. I can't handle physics well, and the built-in behavior has its extents which my intention is beyond those. Maybe I'll redo everything once again and say goodbye to "Player is on land." Redo, because actually I've been redoing this everyday from day 1 - 5, every time testing new things. Maybe I'll make a Labo VI or even VII.

I guess 5 days a week is about right for me. There's still some things to do to make the game presentable, but, meh. I've learned my piece. I'm still going to work on this alright. Expect some minimal-effort assets and sounds, har har!

Okay, today's more wordy and rant-y. But still thanks for stopping by!

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Not really working on the game today, but I guess I'll post some progress updates. Itch won't properly display the gifs I upload, so I'll upload them later. 

  • Day 4: Worked on the swinging part. For this jam I'm only making a simple 180 degree swing. I've an idea on controlling the swinging more, but implementing it will take time and I probably won't have the time to make levels to highlight those features anyway, so, it's a not yet. Also remembered that -90 degrees is actually the same as +270 degrees, and this took me hours to realize. Collision when swinging is still a bum.

  • Day 5: I got an idea on handling the collision and a tie to the theme, yay! Basically, people don't want to touch something super hot or cold. And when they do, they'd just jump away from it. That's it. Also made use of the jump-thru platform from the engine, so swinging through those, and stepping on those, are fine. Haven't fully redone all the previous swinging features, but hey, the goal for yesterday was to make sure the player bounces. Which was a job done.

  • Day 6: Today I don't work on the game. I just don't feel like it. So, here I am updating the devlog. Now that I think about it, my game doesn't look as pretty as others...?  might open up or Chrome Music Lab later today, maybe.  Better not stay lazy for too long.

Anyways, yeah, thanks for stopping by and good luck with life! I'll probably check to upload the gifs sometime tomorrow.

I just like to write out my train of thought rant. Also, yeah, I like building my own system, stubbornly without looking up tutorials, which end up taking a lot of time. I plan to finish the mechanics this week because next week real life things will start. So, I'll just make what isn't available and make use of what's already available. Starting to stitch up all the different parts of the mechanic, leaving the failed attempts, so, yay!

Yesss! I always adore the grappling hook / swinging around in what few games that they appear, which I happened play. Had to simplify it but I'll try to make up for it with level design. 

Thanks for the advice! The Terraria example is pretty useful and practical. And thanks for pointing out the control vs freedom bit. I definitely want to swing wherever I want, and I'll make a way for it.

Thanks! I'll need good luck. And good luck to your project, too!

It's Day 3 now, so I figured I'd post my progress. Log:

  • Day 1: Messed around with the engine. There's a built-in platformer engine inside already but I decided to not use it. Went for changing X Y positions instead of using "add force." Also tried the engine's collision check and "move object away from..." action. Learned a lot of obvious things like "putting a brake." Now I think I was just making things harder for myself...

  • Day 2: Kinda fixed the jump and movement mechanics...? Also added the shooting mechanic for the hook. At this point I realized that collision check is problematic.

  • Day 3: Decided to switch to the engine's built-in platformer things. There's this "bullet through paper" thing that keeps happening when the hook collides with things, making it messy. Also, setting up the player-platform collisions are tougher than I first thought, when tying it with gravity, player's move speed etc. Hence me switching over to built-in "behaviors." Now I'm halfway thru the circular motion for when the grappling hook is stuck. I'm thinking of either shooting the hook at mouse pointer or making some special "magnetic" spots so that it'll get stuck nicely. 

Man, I made so many mistakes doing this... But I'm glad I did though. :D. Also LICEcap'd a lot of things just like last jam. 

Next up I'll have to set the collision to cancel the swinging mode and make up my mind for how to trigger the swinging. I'll add more things after if I can.

Thanks for stopping by! +sorry not sorry for the gif dump :)

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Okay, hello to whoever is reading this! :D

This devlog will probably be my place to share my progress. And my train of thoughts while making the game.

I'll be doing this solo, using the engine GDevelop 5. It'll be a 2D platformer, with the focus being a grappling hook mechanic. The rough roadmap being:

  • Basic platformer mechanics (walking and jumping, collision)
  • Grappling hook mechanic (shooting and circular motion)
  • Making a level
  • Making acceptable visual assets
  • Adding sounds and music

Haven't thought about the story or the theme. Nor a title. I'll just add it up after the mechanics are done. Meh.

(Edit 20/01/27) There'll be a lot of gifs here~


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1. Hi all! Chain here.

2. I did join the last jam. This time  around I want to make a platformer instead of a turn-based RPG. And I'll try to make more original assets this time.

3. Favorite games? I'm not sure... There's too many titles from  so many genres. :D. Some of them are Digimon World, Patapon, and Monster Hunter. For the game I want to make for this jam though, my #1 inspiration (and I guess you can call it a reference) is Tomba 2.

4. I have so little experience in game dev that I'd say it's non-existent. The only gamedev-y experience I have is messing around with RPG Maker-like engines. I don't have much skill in arts and programming either.

5. Lately I don't feel really passionate about anything...? Some ideas do fly around my head every now and then. This time I want to catch some of them.

6. My main goal is being productive. That's it. The game would be an added bonus. The technical goal would be copying the grappling mechanic from Tomba 2. Something clear that I can reference. From that point I'll add my own twists and make assets if I have the time.

7. Try to start small and do -or at least plan- things evenly. Also, rescoping in the middle of the jam is totally cool! 

8. None that I can think of. Keep up the good work, admins. :)

9. Making this actually took me a good 2 weeks... Haven't touched it since last jam but I still have ideas for it brewing in my head. Here's my submission for last jam... "Just Annother RPG"

Good luck everyone! Here's to all our fruitful journey for the 2 weeks ahead!

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Nice short platformer. Plays nicely, I'd say. Attacking animation isn't the prettiest but it's very clear and it works. :)

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the princess's sprite is too big...? Thus movement feels slow and jumps aren't... satisfying? 

The ground is a bit smooth, considering how pixel-y the characters and rocks are. But then again that smoothness is good for slopes and round edges (and the player slides smoothly by the way, which is good), so it's up to you. Character sprites are good as it is, and the difficulty is good for introductory level. 

Edit: Oh, almost forgot. The in-game "Help" is a bit outdated?

Overall, good job!

Yep, good game!

Nice variation of parts. Might take a couple of playthroughs to taste all of them, but I actually enjoyed replaying with my end gun. :D

Quite a lot of things I'd like to suggest...

  • Maybe make the crosshair a bit more visible? With contrasting color or different shape?
  • Maybe adding sound effects when the player shoots and / or when the robots get hit. I know the enemies bounce a bit when hit, but... that would help when sniping? Basically let me know if I hit or miss.
  • Also maybe, let the player keep the old parts and give them access to assemble the wildest gun. It's fine the way it is now, making the players choose which parts to keep. Just... personally I prefer not having to force my luck on getting the next shotgun attachment.

One thing I noticed is that the "splitting ammo" magazine can actually rapid-fire? (holding the left mouse button) From the description I thought that would be exclusive to the "self-feeding" one (the blue one with red text)... This intentional? Also, "why did I even turn around?" Because it wasn't the version 1.1, I guess. In 1.1 the door becomes green and I can replay with my end gun. ;) Don't forget to specify which OS the game is for!

Good job making this game in the jam's short time!

Umm... Downloaded the game (.exe) and tried to run it, but this came up.


Also played the game on browser but unfortunately I suffered from low FPS... :( . It's a bit too much for my 1.1GHz laptop, apparently.

Apart from those, the game's really nice! Love the sprites and animations. What's jump and dance for, though? Also didn't manage to beat the game... Didn't find any new bugs, though. Cheers!

Thank you for playing! Glad to hear the dialogs are enjoyable! Kinda worried that it doesn't make sense...

As for the future of this project... well, I'm not sure. I used to envision a longer game, but now I'm not feeling like doing all the work. Please take it a s a "No." Sorry for the uncertainty... But thanks for your interest! I really appreciate it.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the compliment! Also big thanks for pointing out the maeshroom! I forgot to set it to recover SP instead and uploaded the game without testing it first... Sorry for the slip-up! Both its effect and description have been fixed and re-uploaded now. Didn't use Butler though...

Oh, I'm using Opera on Windows 10. Also, it's only when moving up-left and down-right which won't let me attack. Up-right and down-left is fine. This kind of thing had happened before, on other applications, for me. Pressing some combination of keys just won't work. Good luck if you want to look into it!

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Simple and it hits! Sat down for half an hour playing modes after modes. Enjoyable times. Really, I even let the music play on the background while I update my devlog. XD

Hmm... Though I think the timed mode doesn't have any point? I get the standard and endless mode. "Outs" mode is nice, too. But the timed mode is just... there...?

Also, if you'd like to expand the game, I think recording the player's farthest(?) homerun might be nice, though I think I saw the number kinda drop down if the ball bounces back to the player... And implementing some sort of achievement system or (this will be hard) challenging the player to hit the ball somewhere (like through a ring of fire?) might keep me playing a bit more. Or is it already implemented but I didn't realize...? 

But overall the main dish is there and it's fun! Those DLCs really cost some dime though... 

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Nice game! Just-right difficulty for me. Not too hard and not too easy. Took me 3 tries to escape. Love exploration and making a mental map. :D

Though this error showed up... Doesn't interfere with the game, but just... what?

Oh, also would like to point out that the OS for the download isn't specified? Is it compatible with OS other than Windows?

Nice game! 

I think it's because of my laptop, but when I move diagonally (up-left and down-right) I can't attack while moving. Also it took me some time to realize that every edge of the map without walls means it connects to a different area which made me wonder where the rest of the jams are. (ahh, didn't watch the gif carefully)

A bit about the player's attack, it's not right at the center front of the sprite? I often got hugged by enemies. Holding down the space button works, though. :D

Also-also thanks for not respawning enemies and placing checkpoints. Saved me from a lot of frustration. Good job! ... and good luck on the sequel!

Post-jam post. Yay!

Don't really know what makes a good post-mortem, but I'll write one to bring closure to this devlog.


What I think I did right:

  • Rescoping whenever needed. Basically I kept trimming the features I used to want on-the-go. They just don't feel necessary... the more I actually developed the game. Pragmatism over theory / idealism, I guess. This also helped me work with the jam's deadline.
  • Don't spend too much time on one thing. Because I'm working solo. Don't know about teams, though. Still, I think it's better to spread effort on every part of the game, to prevent being too focused on one thing and ignoring other parts. Sure, I like tweaking the engine and making better battle system but the game is not just the battle system itself. Beats my perfectionist side. 
  • Debug debug debug. Or maybe looking up tutorials and documentations for others. Still, when first using an engine, get to know it. I slipped a bunch of in-game messages (not just debug text on debug window!) on many parts of the engine. First week spent learning the sequence of events called on the course of battles. Their variables, functions, etc. Bugs squashed early and avoided.

What I think I did wrong:

  • Only having a vague idea of a story and forcing to put it in. Plots and characters just float in my head but I can't ground them. Instead of placeholder texts, I forced some dialogs and formatting. Ended up redoing the formatting and bits of the story. And it's still floating...
  • Manually, individually evented events. Basically I made one template event and copy-pasted it many times over. Which made me having to do a lot of copy-pasting again later on when I decided to change some details. I know many of those events have their own unique thing (enemy move route, for example, is different for each event), but I could have saved a lot of time if I made them call a common event instead of a series of commands in each event page. The "defeat" and "flee" events are the same for most battles, but I only realized that after copy-pasting them twice...
  • Designer's self difficulty standard. Well... I made a rather hard boss battles, meant to challenge myself (with all my theoretical tactics and knowledge of enemy AI) when the player's don't even know the rules and how to play effectively... yet. And so I had to seriously tone down the difficulty. And add more generosity.
  • Being inconsistent / carried away by things. I tried on mapping and settled quickly. But on enemy move routes, they change too much too quick. From simple line back-and-forth, then to zig-zag, loops, pseudo mind-reading, to varying speed (ninjas) and homing ghosts. Which was fun to make, but is a headache for the first-time players. Had to dummy-out all of them and redo.


Well, those points I mentioned are probably specific to people using RPG engines. Anyways, I think it's important to have a clear idea of what game I (you, we) want to make. Keep that idea grounded (or ground them by writing them down) and prioritize the "feel" of the game. What feeling / message you want to get, what you want players to get. It might actually be simple. 

Also, keep your commitment through development. Try to be consistent. Plan some and stick to it. And try playing without the knowledge of being the developer / designer, because player's aren't like you. No hidden mechanics, okay? Tell players all they need to know and convince them to want to use those mechanics!

Sorry for the long read, but thanks for stopping by! Gotta clean up the OP.

- Chainsta

Just in case anybody wants to know, the "little tweaked" version is an earlier, harder version of the game. Not recommended. Decided to put it up anyways for people who want some challenge. 

(1 edit)

Thursday. Evening. Day 13.

Made a lot of improvements. Helped a lot with the flow of the game, I guess?

  • Made a couple of tutorial cutscene  to help players understand what I want them to do. And for those who've never played a turn-based JRPG before (which was unthinkable for me before)
  • Cut down the difficulty. Players don't know how to play the game effectively. Not yet. So I kind of bent it towards tutorial / first level difficulty.
  • Allowed the player to roam my messy maps and weird experimental enemy move routes. After beating the boss, that is. Though it's very crowded because I set them all to 100% spawn rate.
  • Tested the game on Linux, with Wine. Wrote a note for it in the game folder and included the font used.

I'm kind of tired with this project (yaaay~) so I'm glad that I've... put an end to it? All that's left is to submit it for the jam. Maybe a little fix sometime. Though I have a mind abandon this project. Maybe start a new one, redrawing the maps and all. Hopefully better.

Sorry for anyone who waited for the features in the original original post. My little designing mind can't quite think of how to make them interesting. Basically I lack execution. And this turned into another rant...

No pictures this time. Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Cheers.

Edit 1: 2019/07/18 typo. 1 sec after submitting, really?! Testes -> Tested

Is this day 12?

Last few days were just me eventing some stuff. Ugh... The first time I actually played around with event control... Writing down dialogs was pretty hard... Good thing I decided to throw away the branching-story part of the game. I'm not up for that much challenge yet. Thanks jam for teaching me how to scope! Though basically I'm just scratching one feature after another.

But! I managed to finish the game! Har har! Just a short, linear, 20-minutes classic JRPG. Nobody else have playtested it yet, but I believe it's not confusing. Not much of a hook, either, but, eh. 

Things I've done since last post:

  • Eventing. Few but draining. Character dialogs, bits of lore and hints from stuff (bookshelf and shrubs), boss's dialogs-battle, and also title screen, retry, and moving to credits.
  • Recoloring the chicken sprite. Because I don't know about good pixel placement and coloring.
  • Opened up the graphics synthesizer and made sprites for 2 characters. With default parts.
  • Drew some enemy graphics. Just a basic enemy with little difference between each other. And the boss, for more... excitement.
  • Replaced the background music.
  • Drew the title screen and the credits screen. Basically the same thing.
  • Played through the game a number of times, fixing spacing and other formatting errors with the dialogs. And adjusting events in general.
  • Cleaned up some debugging left-overs and exported the game. And played the game again.

Title screen

320x240 made in paintdotnet


Read them, please


Featuring standard turn-based battle system, which I forgot to mention.

I'll submit the game sometime soon. Before that I'll take my time to re-check stuff inside the exported game. Also there's a little hiccup that sometimes appear during playtesting... where the transition gets ignored and transfer between areas become not smooth. Reasons unknown. Not game-breaking though.

 I'll have to scratch a lot off the original post. 


No context smile. Also a recolored chicken :D

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday morning~ Day 9?

Finished most functional maps~ (might not bother adding cosmetics later). That, along with most placeholder for events, transfer between maps, enemy and item spawns, and spawn resets. And enemy move routes. Those are made with love.

2019-07-12-G Enemy move route err...

Forgot to reset back from full-tile to half-tile movement...

2019-07-13-G Kinda lively in here...

Pretty much what to expect. I'd say it's rather lively when they all spawn together.

... and yea, that's it for now. Next I'll be setting the enemy-groups for each of them. And mini-boss events. And story cutscenes. A bunch of eventing ahead...

Also I am not going to implement equipments and damage types (that lethal and non-lethal branching thing). I don't think the non/lethal is needed for this game, nor do I want to implement it anyway. As for equipments, also not needed. I have 3 themes for enemies  and 4 members for the player's party in mind, but at this stage I'll only bring 1 theme and 2 members. Not much customization. Not needed, I think. 

I want to finish this project. I have an idea of what is "enough" to achieve that. This doesn't have to be that dream game. Not now. So, I'm telling myself, like others have, to just "KISS" it. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

One week left, but don't wait for the deadline. Also, thanks for stopping by!

Oof, actually I'm using a "free RPG Maker-esque engine" called Wolf RPG Editor (english). :D

As for changing stats in RM, their names and behavior (how they're used, etc.) should be doable. Though that means changing some lines of script or using a plugin. 

Anyways, good luck! 

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Hello, too~

As far as I know, about your game it should be okay. As for the theme, it is okay if your game has no relation to it.

A screencap from discord

"(or completely nonexistent!)"

Refer to frequently asked questions, if that would help. I really encourage you to join the jam~

Hmmm...  I think I kind of understand how complicated an RPG can be, as I'm making a turn-based one using an RPG engine. Now, making one from scratch, solo (yes, you), is a monumental feat! (them thousands of lines of script!)

Wish you won't drop this project. I (and I'm sure there are others) want to see this project bear fruition.

Also, if I may suggest, for starters just use a couple of stats instead of all seven at once? Just so that balancing the battles won't take too much time and effort. 

Though ultimately, whatever you choose to do, cheers and good luck! Fighting!

Tuesday evening, I'll take it as Day 5.

Since last update, I spent most of the time messing around with the engine. That, instead of databasing, mapping, putting around placeholders. Not a waste, though. Made a workaround for the engine's "draw attention" system (like "taunting"), where an attack-all skill only hits once if there's someone with "draw attention" on. This will screw up a strategy in battle, so I can't tolerate it. And I've finished it.

Regarding lethal/non-lethal, kill-or-don't-kill branch, I might not implement it unless I get a worthy story to tell. 

Player's skill database is done (for 4 characters). One theme of enemies' skillset is also done.  Haven't made enemy groups, and maps are still only names. Equipments, only a few. 

(Again, instead of adding more contents, I evented some... nice stuff. Which gave me an idea for a story.) Anyway, I've made myself a mix of fixed map-encounter and mob-spawn. (Because fixed map-encounter is too monotone but random-encounter is annoying)

2019-07-09-G2 Enemy Spawn Check 2

Chameleons = didn't spawn. Chickens = spawned. Cats = already-defeated enemy. Set it to be 50/50. Luv RNG.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you~!

The money concept is the same as some spaceship shooter games I've played before (Jets'n'Guns and a Mario game). Basically players get to try out new weapons at the shop, upgrade them,  and test them before bringing it to complete the story's mission. For this game though, there won't be some upgrade/craft/augment thingies. I want the players to go shopping and decide whether to make a balanced team or a single Superman surrounded by normal people.

Task-splitting so much because I want to get specific in hopes of staying focused, but curiosity still got the better of me. 

The debug was, at first, because I didn't realize that I can set up those messages to show in a separate debug window ;D. Though so, I still stick to those in-game messages because I get to know exactly when (in which line of codes) they get summoned. Most common events use self-variables and some have their values changed many times, that's why.

(1 edit)

It's Sunday, morning of day... 3?

Anyways, so far I've made and set up the necessary common events. Basically they get the battler's parameters, store it, and checks the conditions to call other common events. Events are called at battle start, turn end, and when an enemy gets attacked. They check the enemy's group number (e.g. group#1: wolf x3) or the specific enemy's ID (e.g. enemy#1: wolf). Then, they call the corresponding common events (group-specific or enemy-specific event). This makes it possible to make every battle unique (if I want to).

Also, I tinkered around with common events' arguments and return values. Now I have a way to abort battles without knocking out all allies or enemies :D. Also made a "Get slot for ID:" and "Transform to:" events for future convenience. Templates for group-specific events are also done.

Now that the in-battle events are no worries, I'll move on to databasing and basic mapping. Played around with LICEcap so~

2019-07-07-G3 Quick test

Made some kind of debugger, I did. Checking slots, IDs, transform and victory switch. And counters. Enemy reacts with events.

2019-07-07-G5 Also quick test arghh

Same as above. But stalled the enemy's transformation. Checks for HP <= value

WRPGEE common event editor, anyone?

What I'm looking at when making commons. Not a prog language I guess. Alt + print screen guys.

... well, sorry for the big-sized (640 x 480) stuff. All assets used are the default assets. Not mine, but it's okay to use.

Thanks for stopping by!

(Edit: 2019/07/09 Captions look fine in edit mode... Then why?)

(3 edits)

Alright, you've probably read the title so let me get to the point.

I'm aiming to make a choose-your-own adventure RPG. What the player does will affect the events of the game in some way. It's a simple, linear, one-shot classic JRPG with turn-based battle system.


Wolf RPG Editor English 2.10D

Main Features:

  • Two types of weapon: lethal and non-lethal. Non-lethal weapons aren't as good as its lethal counterpart, though. Basically kill or don't kill. (Scracth this. Don't have a good idea of using it. Also requires equipment customization, so see point #3)
  • In-battle events. Dialogs, transformations, add enemies/allies, abort battles, etc. will happen in battles. Turn count, remaining HP, actions used, etc. can trigger some events.
  • Static money? I don't know what to call it, but basically, buying price and selling price is the same. I want to encourage mix-and-matching equipments with this. Using consumables you've bought will return your money. :D (I'll come back for this some other time. Screws balancing. For this project I want a nice, controlled player experience, So no customization.)


Unfortunately, I haven't come up with a working idea. I'll give it some thoughts. I'll have to. Just some short dialogs and bits as an excuse to go dungeon-diving. A light, straightforward story where the protagonist has to clear a dungeon (a forest) to get a license to use weapons.

Scope (for my own sake and more like a mental note):

  • Make only two branches in events (like just yes or no) EDIT: Minor changes depending on the player's choicesEDIT:EDIT: Make it linear.
  • Normal mode, normal end (difficulty-wise, with lethal weapons)
  • Hard mode, good end (non-lethal weapons, and some choices)
  • 1 town and 1 dungeon. Don't want to bother with various themed maps. EDIT: Not really a town. Just a safe place for the story to begin.
  • No complicated, fancily-animated  complex-damage-formulated ridiculously-set-up skills. Just turn it into an event on a specific occasion. EDIT: Ended up tweaking the skill's type definition in the database for future convenience.

To-do List:

  1. Clean up the default sample project (unused actors, class, skills, items, etc.) [Done]
  2. Make a minimum (but working) common event to check turns, enemies', and allies' conditions and to call other events in battle [Done]
  3. Placeholders and databasing 1 (actors-clones, square maps, themed bosses, dummy enemy, equip types, basic skills, recovery event, level-adjust event, basic shop event) -for basic playtesting stuff [Done. Skipped shops and equips.]
  4. Placeholders and databasing 2 (basic connected maps (dungeon rooms, town parts), minions and troops, more main skills, adding main story NPC and dialogs (killer branch first)) [Done]
  5. Databasing  1 (make equipments (lethal), items, differentiate actors, and add those in-battle events but leave the branch alone) [Actors and skillset done. Skip damage types, equips, and items. And the branch.]
  6. Databasing  2 (make equipments (non-lethal), fill the branches in events and NPCs) [Done. Only NPC events matters. And doesn't branch.]
  7. Mapping 1  (work on the maps and its flow, set up random encounters) [Done]
  8. Balancing  (tune enemies' and/or actors' stats (and AI for enemies) as necessary, adjust player's money and item pricing)[Done. So simple no balancing needed.}
  9. Mapping 2 (furnish the maps~ might take quite some time) [Might not be needed][Left as-is. I'm out of steam...]
  10. Aesthetics (add skill animations, sound effects, BGMs, character portraits, enemy graphics, review the story)[Done. Some defaults are already satisfactory.]
  11. Playtesting (play the whole game, fixing bugs (if any), adjust the game to make it flow nicely) (try not to radically change stuff, refer to past to-do list)[This. This! See if I'll make any change.]


Thanks for stopping by!

Edit 1: 2019/07/07 Added the engine I'm using. Checked to-do list #1~2

Edit 2: 2019/07/14 Scratched a bunch of items in the to-do list. I'm keeping that double-n in "annother". Also, eventing should have its own place in to-do list. Never reached that point before...

Edit 3: 2019/07/17 Scratched some more. Updated the first part with what the project is right now. This post is getting harder to read...