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About the whole 'Alisona' thing...basically it's a version of the player character but formatted to fit a fan's appearance and personality more. It's fairly popular to do this with other media when and where there are endless possibilities to create fan designs and/or characters!

Okay, I keep bombarding you with a enormous amount of suggestions in the comments repeatedly but...phew. This should be the last idea dump I will do before the full version releases (I'm willing to wait for a whole year or more for this project to be completed plus I do have a large amount of other obsessions to keep myself busy over time. I even made an Alisona (Yup, that's a thing!) for myself. Definite proof I've become incredibly obsessed with this game and it's only been a week since the demo has been released as of this writing!).

  1.   Maybe you could take out the '90's' tag and put the 'Mystery' tag in its place.
  2.  Will the crawling spider-like dolls make their debut on the lower floors of the Dollhouse?
  3.  Have a sparse number of darker areas lit by candle light with a slow forboding track as the backing music or dead silence (the PC will still have to use the infinite use lantern I suggested in my first comment on this page).
  4.  Have an official OST and digital behind the scene book as DLCs for the full game!
  5.  I'm aware that this is really far into the future but what will be the pricing of the and Steam versions of the games?\

Don't forget to take frequent breaks so you can step back to spend time with family and friends in addition to tweaking certain aspects if needed and wishing both you and Arisa well down the game dev road!

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Any chance of language localizationn and a (possible) Nintendo Switch port in the future?

Edit: Contact these two VAs should you decide to recast who voices Alisa: @EZBreezyVA and @Dottovuu

Edit #2: Replace the 'girl' tag with the 'Female protagonist' tag plus add in a 'Third person' tag

It's me again! I actually have a few questions and more suggestions for the game

  1.   Will the full build have multiple endings much like the classic RE installments?
  2.  Is the game going to auto save at certain points or will there be specific save points scattered through the Dollhouse?
  3.  Are you going to add more complicated puzzles and riddles from what can be found in the demo?
  4.  Three of the outfits Alisa can buy should be a late 1800's maid dress, a kimono inspired ensemble and the third one should take cues from the 'Ouji Lolita ' subtrend of Lolita fashion (The description for it when Alisa goes into the changing area could read 'Looks like my clothes before...all this happened. At least it's comfortable') If you aren't sure about what I'm refferring to, check out the Wikipedia page for the topic, 'Japanese street fashion'.
  5.  One safe room per floor of the Dollhouse for easy access so the player character won't have to go upstairs every time she has to purchase supplies and/or swap out weapons.
  6.  Have the tougher enemies actually break down  doors to ramp up the difficulty level and the tension (this could work out to the PC's advantage should the door lead to a more open space where there are opportunities  (i.e. gaps in between whatever's in the room) that allow her to take down enemies)
  7.  How many weapons will the player be able buy from Pol and to equip in the complete version of Alisa?

This demo is very interesting and it nails the general ambiance of  older games quite well. However there's a lot of room to improve on many aspects of the project. Here's a rundown of all suggestions for the complete build:

  1.  Add some subtle and distant ambiance plus slowly flickering lights in certain areas of the Dollhouse (faint footsteps with a slow creak of floorboards, a far off scream, a stream of running water that gets audibly louder the closer you get to the kitchen etc.)
  2.  Implement a number of darkened places both early and later on in exploring the Dollhouse that can't be bypassed without the aid of a infinite use lantern  found somewhere in the building that can be placed down and picked up from any part of the floor but only allows the player to see at least two meters around them when using weapons to ramp up tension.
  3. When gazing into the mirror on the upper floor, have the player character's reflection slowly start to warp if she stares into it for at least upwards of 5 minutes (don't know if that's possible to do with the low-poly graphics but hey, it's just an idea).
  4.  Put in a playable (30~45 minutes) prologue detailing the player character receiving her mission and chasing down the criminal (including the outfit she wore before waking up in the Dollhouse) so as to set up the story and allowing the player to get a feel as to who they're playing as.

Hi there! I have some questions for PA 3.

1. Is the game still being made in the Ren'Py engine or are you branching out to Unity?

2. Will there be multiple death ends and two variations on the true ending just like Purrgatory Furever?

3. Since you're going to be implementing point & click elements for the third installment, will it still qualify as being in the 'Visual Novel' genre or are you going to add the 'Adventure' tag to describe the game?

4.  Considering that players will be seeing more of Hachiko High and students from other schools in this universe, can you give a very vague description of the synopsis for PA 3?

Looking forward to the day where I can do a massive binge of the entire trilogy to relive the awesomeness again!!

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Am a fan of the first game and when this released, I immediately added PA: PF! to my collections and spent 2 hours playing until I got the true ending~! Immensely enjoyed the character interactions, super cutesy art work and all the cartoon gore that ensures in the dead ends...I've also found a small continuity error: In the scene where Coco realizes her wand is missing after getting it back if you don't have enough affection with Sparky and allow him to go off alone into the woods, the description text states that she checks her cloak for the wand...even though she's wearing a dress through the sequel.


Regarding the events of the sequel, will there be a third/concluding game detailing Patches' eventual redemption plus a peek into the home lives of the central cast? Was Ginger the bloodhound that Olive found in the bathrooms back in the first game? I did notice that she wears a sweep of her hair over the left side of her face and Sparky reliving her final moments in his dreams while possessed by her seem to line up with events here. Is it only possible to reach the true end while on Sparky's route or am I overthinking this??

Will be waiting for whatever you guys make next!!


A fellow Canadian

(Also, change your game status tag to released! Your project is a pretty polished complete game in its own right.)

It's me again. Could you add 'Survival horror' and 'Multiple endings' tags to your game? It'll help to spread your project to more gamers!

Thanks for your and Razumi's replies! Totally worth the month and a half wait (and being a hardcore horror fan)!

I've been wondering about something regarding she Peruvian? I've noted some of her dialogue is in a foreign language and some of the dishes she brings up when talking to Waite. Also a suggestion: when you reach a download milestone, will you be doing a celebratory illustration featuring the main characters dressed as the main toon trio of Bendy and the Ink Machine with Luana as Alice Angel, Waite as Boris the Wolf and Rowan as Bendy? Their personalities certainly match up with those characters!

Wow...that was quite the ride! Managed to get all endings in one afternoon. Personally of all the story conclusions, I like Rowan's romance ending (Waite doing the whole 'Keeping my best friend and her new (weird) boyfriend in line' thing was really hilarious) and the ones where the boys go yandere over Luana and she's forced to fight them at the cost of her own sanity. Love our heroine's dynamic with Waite in particular and his rapport with Rowan.  After all, Waite does have his reasons to distrust the random dude who shows up in his inherited house but is forced to trust him despite his attitude towards other people. The spooks were sufficiently brought with certain CGs and descriptions of the monsters roaming the residence. Kind of like trying to describe Ink Bendy and failing , weirdly enough. 

There's one CG that I haven't managed to unlock yet. It's the one at the center of the first Gallery page. Will wait to see more content from you!

Woo hoo~! Your game's finally out!!! Now reading through a portion currently. Found a bug regarding the music player not working when clicked on. Everything else is working fine. Liking the style of the GUI. Will give a full review when I complete the game...possibly in the next few days!

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I will be! Admittedly, with the distractions of my favorite cartoons launching new seasons and new indie games releasing soon, I might forget about this gem...but since I'm now following you and I check my email inbox weekly, there's no problems on that front.☆

P.S. Waiting for the complete version of Home's Embrace to hit this storefront! Are you excited as I am?

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No, thank you for your courage to get this project out into the world! ♡

One more question: Is Reina actually a magical girl whose powers unknowingly manifested in bringing her plushies to life and granting them human forms since she was small?

More suggestion:

- Include CGs of sleepy!Reina in nightclothes at the start of the game and her picking up and looking at her (final version edition) old stuffed animals after she finds them in her closet(w/changing expressions; suprise then reminscing mode with a smile on her face)!

Hi Neru! I've been following your project's progress from the Lemmasoft Forums and hope you're dong better after that operation you had in mid March! Congrats for releasing your project's demo on! You've earned a follower for your team~

So I decided to take a look at the Features section of the main post for your game on the Lemmasoft Forums some time before the demo released and a lot of ideas sprang up in my head. This is gonna be a long comment so I'm splitting it into three sections: First Impressions, Suggestions and Questions About InTWoN.

First Impressions (Blind playthrough)

The background for the cafe scene could use some people in the seats and the customers could look up at the player for added weirdness when Reina sips her just ordered coffee.
I like Leo's design and Bear looks to be the big brother type to his fellow Dreamchasers (justified by the latter being the oldest of Reina's toys)


- Create two custom UI designs for the waking world and dream realm sections of the game.
- Use small tabs with chibi faces of the MC and her love interests to denote event illustrations on the far left side of the screen for the common route and each of the boys' story paths respectively in the CG gallery. Buttons for the other menu sections at the bottom of the screen.
- Implement that Reina X Bear doodle that aehtrv drew while designing the characters at the start of March as one of Bear's route CGs!
- Achievements section in the Extras menu with 'Exceptional Dreamer' being the name for the achievement for 100% completion of the game
- Put in a short point-and-click sequence for Reina's (tidied) bedroom so players can learn about some info about her childhood and adolesence
- The game could use backgrounds for other parts of Reina's house (Dining room, front hallway etc.) and sprites for our heroine's parents
- Add 'Otome', 'Multiple Endings' and 'renpy' tags to the drop down "More information" menu
- Extend the intro sequence after the MC wakes up at the start of the game to provide a bit of background info on anything that may be of interest to players

Questions About InTWoN
- How far are you in writing regarding the routes?
- Since you mentioned that InTWoN is a working title will it change or remain as it is for the final release?
- Will the complete edition be free/pay-what-you-want?