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Aitor Cereceto Benavente

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This mechanic blowed my mind, super well implemented. Thank you for this game.

Ok, it's a cute platformer, but I can't see the theme reflected on it. Also, what's the point of use C instead of up/w/jump to go up on the ladder? it's quite confusing.

this comment is super old-minded. Linux has demonstrate many times, and more recently, that it can handle good and recent games. So, no way to not to deliver Linux version.

Super great and successful idea.

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Sorry guys, I'm a bit lost.

What is the funny number? Or what does it mean at all? Circus number or...?

Super interesting. I like the camera a lot and the design.

thanks for playing! It auppose to generate a random position everytime you play a round, but for some reason the random int didn't work.

Supper funny to see you doing it in one shot hahaha

Hi, I just reupload a zip with exe+pck. Please, take a look and sorry for the inconvenience

Ita windows or Linux version? I put pck in Linux but I'm not sure if windows need it too

Hello! You can check the process of making this game here!


You can check the process here:

Hi @rocknightstudios, thanks for the advice of the file, it has been re-uploaded in a zip file.

Hello! I just submitted the game but there are a lot of things to do haha. Must I leave it this way or should I updated later?

lol same here

Other thing... I saw the marks works different as yours.

When I do "##" it shows "# something" but didn't see all your bookmarks signs, thank you!

Well by now, in this machine (W7) it now works fine! :D 

I'll try when I arrive home (W10).

Thank you for your support! Nice apps you develop! 

I suggest to apply this update for all your tools (in case). 

Have a nice day!

Left community · Created a new topic Bug with

Hello, when I load an .md file it show this message, which is the path to the file:

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You can make a function where you create and return an entity.

For example:

function createEntity(x,y)
e.x= x
e.y = y
return e

newEntity = createEntity(10,10)

Really cool. Reminds me of 2048 but with pool. Nice work!