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I have lost my F key and have to stick my figners in the hole to trigger green beats. I would like to change the control scheme but no options are availible.

I find that moving to a changing bass line doesnt help very much when trying to beat off eggs. I know you may have spent time alligning tracks, but it's hard to consider this a rythmm game when you move to the decorative beat.

Awesome! I really like the punch of nostalgia from the dwarf fortress esque style.

I have a few glitches. One, the tourtured souls pick a random spot every time to summon a minion, and if there is something there, the animation spins in circles off the screen. Also, most animations  are a bit to slow. Maybe speed them up? Or is that because of the slow running speed?

This needs some way of moving slimes, like hitting or pushing.

You can press the button just under the game.

usually arbitrary actions, such as eating, cooking, or trying to pick something up. This has happened around 5 times.

FARA community · Created a new topic Ambush glitch

If an enemy attacks me, there is a chance for several turns on my part to be skipped and I die.

come on brian

I've got to say, this is a good game, but the fact your time is limited has disueded my prefrence. I would love an endless version, since this is quite dull without it.

I'll wait.