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Finally made it to the end! I agree that a few more respawn points would have made it less frustrating (at least during the jam), but the dialogue made me want to see it to the end.

I think a way to adjust mouse sensitivity would have made it a little more comfortable.

Wish there were an easy mode! The sheep running animation made me want to keep going though.

Oh man I don't have my discord account anymore I'm missing the lore!

Wow thank you! I was almost sick of Godot (if that's possible) by the end of the week haha!

Thank you for the kind words! In general I still haven't quite figured out how to get audio sounding great in html exports :/

Banger credits

The pixel art is great! The slingshot-like movement mechanic felt out of place and lot more polished than expected for this kind of game and I had fun gliding across  the office.

The controls felt good and satisfying, probably one of the smoothest rhythm games I've played from a jam. I'd suggest being able to toggle having to click and hold to drag the bar (versus it automatically follows the mouse), as it's a little harder on just a tracpad.

Would have liked to have a backstory to know why whacking people makes them sleep harder! Felt polished for what it was though.

Nice interpretation of the theme, controls felt very polished and smooth. The frog sound was the best part.

Felt like exploring a bit was required to understand what to do so a simple reload button would have been appreciated, but it's a neat concept to explore.

The art was so good and the movement was so smooth that I ended up walking through town twice even though I couldn't interact with anything. Especially impressed with the collision area of the sea moving with the tides 

 I agree that the mice were hard to see and the train smoke covered the dialogue when it was on the bottom, making it hard to read sometimes. But overall looked cool, neat mechanics, and upgrades kept it interesting.

I liked how the shooting direction was independent of the direction you were walking in, made it feel a little cooler. Was hard to figure out the controls though, I just kind of hit keys randomly till I figured out. Could also have a little graphic in the corner or in game indicating the controls.

The other levels were not loading for me either, and you may want to enable full screen on the page, the game was hard to see. You should be able to edit this setting on itch even during the rating period.

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Graphics were cute, wish the story had some kind of continuation after the end. I wasn't sure if there was supposed to be audio or not, but I think that would have added a lot to the atmosphere. But seemed good production quality, nice menus, credits and no bugs found.

Thank you! I'm glad it ran well enough for you to play. They let me upload a fix so the ending is not stuttering anymore :)

Yeah  I realized some of the arrows aren't getting freed (especially in final boss) and the longer you play a particular scene the more objects accumulate which make it lag considerably. Messaged the mods hoping they'll let me upload a fix. I've noticed it performs a little better in chrome-based browsers.

Sorry it didn't run smoothly for you, I'm glad you got to enjoy some of it!

A little slow, but it felt intentional. I just found myself smiling the whole time xD

So cute!

Thank you!

Love how you implemented "no health bar". I wish there were more lives/ a way to get more lives so I could see more of the game. It can be relatively easy to last a while but death is very sudden.

Thanks! It always gets a little hectic toward the end but I tried to write code I wouldn't be embarrassed to share for this jam xD

Fantastic level design! I think this has a lot of potential and I'd have loved to play more levels.

It was a bit hard for me. I think having a wider view would have made it easier, or maybe having everything start slower and speed up as time goes on. The pixel art was so cute that I wanted to keep playing though! Also a nice touch with the spinning intro text.

Good level design. The various abilities kept it interesting.

Thank you!

It's actually my 2nd GWJ (I didn't think to count this jam in the answer)

Haven't seen anything quite like this made with Godot, very well done! The sewing tool was a little hard to use as it would not always place when I clicked. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong or if it was buggy.

Very good graphics and I was intrigued by the opening but there was such a low margin for error with the controls (the jump is really fast and barely makes it to each platform) that I didn't finish it.

Very cute! Didn't seem to fit the theme but I had fun.

Wish there were an easy mode that made everything crumble a little more slowly. Feels almost impossible to click and aim fast enough with a track pad.


Amazing tool! Would download in a heartbeat if there were a linux version.

While this looks like a very cool and polished game, it also feels like at least a lot of it was thought out and made ahead of time-- the theme and the flavor seem to be an afterthought. I'd like to give it a high rating but it seems like this was spammed to a bunch of jams for publicity, and I probably won't have time to finish it before the voting period ends.

Actual feedback: This seems like a cool game and I intend to finish it eventually, but the first thing that stuck out is that I wish there were a way to adjust the mouse sensitivity, it seems very high. As someone prone to motion sickness it's hard for me to play this when it is in the first person POV, especially full screen.

Thank you! If I end up making a more polished post-jam version I'll make it clear that you can change the price!

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Lol a very literal interpretation of the theme, though the flavor was definitely an afterthought ( could also go around the brick without pushing it). Nice music.

Very cool little world and very impressive 3D graphics for a jam game, though the theme/flavor seem like an afterthought. From an accessibility standpoint, I got nauseated pretty quickly from moving around and didn't finish. I might look into reducing nausea in 3D games or adding a setting to adjust mouse sensitivity in the future.

Yay! I'm no longer depressed! I thought this was surprisingly creative for such a short platformer and the dynamic music was cool, but it was a little tedious and didn't really seem like the theme/flavor were important to it

Is this a glitch (customers left happy but your money was unchanged) or was it because they thought it was too expensive? You can change the price in the spreadsheet app. Also at the end of the day it will tell you how many customers thought it was too expensive or thought it took too long. Sorry if that was unclear.