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I know this game is just for memes. But you can put a little more time on this game. The game is also kinda boring becouse there is sooooo much conversations. 

What you can do:

  • remove uneccesary or make the conversations shorter. 
  • Make a clear goal. Right now you have to just run and talk to everyone on the map. You can just delete every thing that is uneccesary like ppl that just talk and dont do a shit.
  • make a menu and settings just so the player feel the developer has put some effort in the game.
  • In the end you can put a Mission complete or something. Just so the player knows  he have completed the game.
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Nice game!

But It's hard to see when you get hit by an enemy and takes damage.

some blood effects or something else to show the players when they get hit.

Nice game!

But after a while you get bored.  

 So some enemies that destroy trees would be nice.

Simpel, and super fun! :)


Nice game!

The game is really good!

But.... The controlls are bad, "A" for shoot and "S" to Jump. I would like move with W,A,S,D and shoot with Space or right click.