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:) thank you

what are you implying

I've just requested the keys i'll send one to you when they arrive!

I'm not sure i'll have to look into it. but for now I can give out keys individually

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for leaving the steam review! I included some draw distance settings in the menu but unfortunatley it's only available on oculus. because the trees have so many polygons I have to make the view distance pretty short by default. but thanks for playing and i'm happy you came across my game!

dude  thank you, this would be so much help. I'd really love to get it working on index. can I get your email?

Just smaller changes on this one, I fixed some htc vive issues and added a new camera mode that you can use with both oculus and vive. also revamped the video settings so you can get a much higher framerate on lower view distances. I'd love to add index support but I don't have the hardware to test it, index doesn't even ship to australia :(

haha thanks I appreciate it, I hope you get the opportunity to upgrade your pc someday!

that's a neat idea, I'd mess around with it but I don't have an eye tracking headset to test it on. thanks for playing dude!

dude seriously thanks so much for this comment. glad you stumbled upon my project and super happy you think about it in that way. also hope you enjoy the japan one 🤙🏻

😊😊 really glad, thank you

thanks, I’m glad it was familiar to you

sorry that happened to you lol, where did you happen to fall through? If I can reproduce this then I can probably fix it in an update. and yeah I wish it was bigger too, when i finished it I just felt like I couldn’t work on it anymore. you should play my japan map though it’s like three times the size!

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from the survey I did, about 30% of people found it. If you look near the shrines in the forest that seem inaccessible, you'll find a way around. My intention was for the rushed players to miss it, but I might consider making the path a little easier to find in the next update.

thanks dude, i'm glad you could still appreciate it even though it's not your preference

I'm sorry about that, for this reason i'd definitely want to have an option to remove it. but I also feel like that would have some negative implications, such as people who hate motion blur by habit will also disable it, then my game won't look the way it is intended for those people (even though they can handle it). maybe in the future i'll figure this out, thanks for trying to play the game anyway!

you’re welcome

the english is also incorrect because that’s actually what’s written on the sign, but I think I made a mistake with the korean, I’ll change it later if I remember. thank you!

it’s all under the ‘info’ section in the game menu. you can click on an artist’s name to open their spotify page in your browser

wow thank you,, seriously don’t think i deserve the amount of praise you gave me in your video, i’m flattered. this kind of feedback really keeps me going, thank you so much for the support. and yes those are some great ideas! I’m hoping to lean into making more structured games, while still allowing the map to feel large and open. also keep the videos coming! i’m subbed and exited to find more indie games through your channel

I've heard has some issues like that sometimes. if it's not working try again later

I guess it depends where you go on the mountain, If you walk past the summit there are barely any people, and I wanted my game to  represent the nice feeling you get when exploring somewhere alone. and I actually wanted to expand the map in that area but with the time I spent on this I absolutely couldn't make it any bigger lmao. thanks for playing!

thanks man, for now i’m going to prioritise linux and a steam release, but i’ll let you know if I need your help

haha I never tested the qr code myself but yes the map is from the real one at the shrine. super glad you enjoyed it man, thanks for playing

:) you're welcome

!! thank you, I hope you enjoy the real place

thanks man, more is on the way!

damn this is a huge compliment, thank you

what problem are you having? you can email me if you like

haha I already know about this, will be fixed in the next build! 

I'm sorry for not posting the minimum specs, but the issue is definitely your graphics card. I'll include in the description that at least a GTX 1050 ti is required for 60fps. I just searched benchmarking for a K2000M card and it's at least 1/10th of the power of a GTX 1060 3GB, which is what I built the game on. I think the game still would run badly for you even without the visual effects. I could optimize for lower end cards like yours but it would take away from the visuals too much, which is sort of the foundation of this game.

that’s super nice of you to say man. thank you

thanks so much! it took me about 3 months on and off

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I really value these visual effects, I think they make it much more realistic, I’m not going to remove them sorry :( I understand that in other games it might be distracting if you have an objective but that’s not the case here. i feel like having these options turned off just goes against the visual design of the game

yeah it’s very possible! i’ll look into it

it does, and you can still explore, but there's some limited functionality with controls because I haven't been able to test it properly.

thank you man! just checked out your project and I like the words you've written, it's a nice idea! can take so long to put those kinds of things together tho

probably won't expand on this because it feels complete enough to me. and yes I'm considering some other locations, and maybe switching up the season. not sure what the next project will be though

glad you could recognise the atmosphere! yeah these are all on the table 👍🏻

it should be in the in game menu, under the info section. but I believe it’s c:/user/appdata/local/fushimiinari?