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it's smart of you to pick up on that, I didn't actually create this environment, I just wanted to put my spin on it and make it into a game. Thanks for the kind words about my experiences and yes the new projects are going well! it just might take a bit longer than expected

make sure you downloaded the right version, both have separate zip folders and .exe


not right now, sorry

yes it should! let me know if you need help

whoa that's weird, I've never seen that before. are your drivers up to date?

thanks for letting me know, I'm aware of this but I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently. looking to have it fixed soon

message me i'll send it to you


thank you!

I haven't mentioned anywhere that I'm offering the project file, this isn't the ue marketplace

allem iversom & quickly quickly - pickt
jhfly - away
harris cole & aso - sleeping in
harris cole & aso - safe now
blue wednesday & shopan - murmuration
bing & ruth - twtga
idealism - far apart
quickly quickly - stilited (cover)
thrupence - prelude
rrst - fields

which headset are you using? if you're using steamVR you can try remapping the bindings

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ah ok, the lighting change probably won't make much of a difference anyway. I'm hoping to update this game soon with some more optimisations

I disabled "low" lighting for this game because it removes the volumetric fog. are you having problems with performance?

fair enough! I could actually use some help troubleshooting with index, was the controller squeeze problem prevalent in the new zealand and australian games? those have the newest version of the VR template, I don't know if it's working or not. Also the screenshots are all from the desktop version of the game

the physical camera is still experimental but the hand-framing camera mode should still work, did you try that?
if it's still not working feel free to request a refund through, I think you have to submit a support ticket


hey thanks so much! yeah I'd love to do something of that type too. I might give the kyoto game a remaster someday

thanks for adding my link to the description


yeah I might actually add this soon

haha yeah there wasn't really anything I could do, thanks for the kind words

enjoy man!

thank you :')

no sorry! just a desktop demo

thanks for playing! yeah that would be cool


I'll consider it, does the windows version not work on linux?

thank you! yes I definitley have something similar in the works

noted! thanks

thank you!

yeah like it's definitley possible! Just I don't think I could get the visuals to a level where i'd be happy, and the visuals are kind of the foundation of the game. I like these ideas though :)

I could but it wouldn't work because it's not optimised for quest. thanks for the support though! you can still play it on quest using a link

😭😭 thank you so much

thanks so much man! glad you liked this one
yes there's another photo board ((if you go to the campfire when it's sunset))

Hey, I just released an immersive exploration / photography sim for PC and VR ($5)
Explore the world at your own pace and use the game's photography mechanics to progress with casual objectives. Contains some of the latest visual tech provided by Unreal Engine 4.

tomorrow! :)

thanks so much for telling me this man I really appreciate it :)