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Hey, I really enjoyed the game. I think something you all are doing really well is that you know what is fun about your game. I think that as long as you don't lose sight of that, the game is bound for greatness

wow. I really like your games. They are very cute and fun

I like little exploration games like this where you can walk around and just see what the creator put in and hid


*plays game. Oh what a cute little game, OH MY GOD!

I saw him play this and Jump Doper and I was like YASSSSS!

Hex house! Really cool game! I had a good time finding all the secrets

It was so cyuuuuute

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Wow! Thanks for playing Abominable!

Cool game. Too bad about my new car

Pretty fun game. I managed to make it to the end. I love the art style and how you tied it in with the Game page


226 tries here. took 20 mins!

holy crap!

Cute little game. I will miss my friend

WoW! Another awesome game from NDcisive.
I never would have thought of this!

Wow. Really cool game. It's really cool going behind the scenes and envisioning how the world looks and how your events affect a world that you never truly see. Also, a lot of good mind games coming from the narration. I found myself checking my feet after the fall, and loved messing with the phones to the narrator's distress

About 20 mins