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Definitely we will. Thanks and cheers!

Thank you :-) Unfortunately I don't think there will ever be a full version. This was a tech demo for our engine

Haha thank you very much! :-) Unfortunately, it's just a tech demo we put up in 4 days to validate our development tools.

We'd love to expand on this concept, but time... -_-U

Thank you :-D

Thank you! :-)

Thank you! To be honest, the camera post-processing is doing the heavy lifting here. Without it, the aesthetics were pretty dull :-D Glad you liked the concept. I was worried it would be perceived as too dark so I gave all characters a bad reputation, enough to justify the slaughter. Cheers!

Thank you! Yeah noticed that too... We might make doors a bit wider so two characters can fit or let them be aware when someone is about to go through one. Thanks for playing!

Thank you Doom Guy :-)

Glad you liked it! And thanks for playing!

Yeah, I considered making a game about killing zombies instead or your family members. That may have been better perceived. However, I dismissed this for two reasons: The first one is that it would diminish the impact: Each family member has a different background and really wanted to highlight their personality. Zombies are... zombies.

The second one is that the description says that both the theme and restriction are open to interpretation. I'm the kind of person that likes giving things a twist, so instead of going the normal path, I thought it would be cool that the restriction references the winning condition: After you kill your family, there are no living things left (remember you're on your deathbed, so you're as good as dead).

Thanks for playing though! :-) Hope you liked it!

Yeah, that's a good idea. I could add multiple Painkillers scattered around and each one allows you to run for a few minutes. The main character could start with an active Painkiller effect, so that when it runs out, he says something like "Ah! My back hurts! I need some Painkillers". The player would then immediately associate the slow walking animation to the Painkiller effect and look for one.

This could make up for some interesting situations!

Ah yes, definitely a bug. I was about to submit it but remembered I didn't have any way to exit the game. So I quickly set the ESC button to quit the game, without taking into account that a WebGL game can't exit.

Once the jam is over (I believe I can't update it meanwhile), I'll make sure to change this. Thanks!

Thanks! The ESC button was added at the last time. Sorry about that. Moving the character with the mouse would definitely be a fine addition, as well as checkpoints.

I was hesitant to remove this but at the end I left the character to only walk. However, you can pick some Painkillers from bathroom and, once you consume them, your back-pain is gone and you can run. I agree though that it's way too hidden and should be highlighted or even be part of a tutorial.

Regardless, thanks for playing!

Thank you very much! How we built the core game loop is by giving hints to the player into thinking new ways to kill the characters. 

You may not know what an item does, but the game teases you in ways to use it. For example, if you have Rat Poison, it tells you "This could kill someone". However, if you don't have it and you click on a Cake, it reads "With some Rat Poison from my Garage, I could make this pie delicious". The player then connects the dots and gets an "Aha!" moment.

I was worried it would be perceived this way, but decided to carry the idea anyway. The thing is that all characters are isolated inside the house, so the killer has to decide when and how to strike. Pretty much like all characters from "And then there were none", but seen from the perspective of the killer. 

Same with the limitation: It's not that there aren't any things while playing the game, but it's the final condition for winning: There are no living things left alive in the house.

Thanks for playing though :-)

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Thank you! :-D Took us 4 entire days working full-steam to put together

Hi everyone! Developer here. If you have any questions on the game or how it was made, don't hesitate to drop a line :-) Cheers!

Woo-hoo! Thank you! Just in time :-)

Well, as all, it depends. I think that both the theme and limitation are open to interpretation. So as long as you can justify "there are no living things", you should be fine.

For example, if you are creating a game where you are a virus and you need to kill every living thing (plus, die at the end), the end result is that there are no living things.

Excellent news! Thank you so much. Looking forward to it! :-D

Hi! I purchased this game for Mac but seems like it hasn't been built for 64 bit architecture (and OSX Catalina now doesn't run 32bit apps).

I would really love to play this little gem. Could you upload a new version built with 64 bit support? Thanks in advance!

Thanks :-) Looking forward creating an extended experience

Hi Mister Bopi!

Thank you so much for playing this. We agree 100% on all your points. We implemented the point & click mechanicmostly because it was more of a challenge than because it suited the game. In a future game this would most likely change into a directional or tank-control.

Looking forward creating a second demo or further expanding this one. :-)

PS: Chris is definitely useless. We'll make him more resourceful next time

Yeah, if you can send it to us at support (at) Thanks!

Thank you so much! :-D We've been focused on creating the tools for making these kind of games. We're eager to continue and expand this story into a fully fledged game, but unfortunately, that won't be possible in the foreseeable future. Looking forward to it in maybe a couple of years!

U no like?

Thanks! We're actually thinking about expanding it into a full featured game (with a few new mechanics)

By the way, we couldn't get the shaders to work on WebGL, so we decided to make a video for those who don't have the time to download and play it:

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! :-)

Thanks! I got the same feedback from a friend. I should have introduced better how you can jump and switch between dimensions to avoid warping into other objects. Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much! Yeah 90% of the work was on getting the mechanics right... Unfortunately this left me with no time to create more interesting levels. Thank you for playing and taking the time to post a review :-D

Either increase your monitor's contrast settings or play somewhere where the sun doesn't hit your screen. Not much we can do about it, since the game is supposed to be dark. 

Remember you're in an abandoned Hospital with barely any light source coming through the dirty windows and ominous fog

Unfortunately no. We envisioned The Investigation as a stand-alone tech-demo for our product Game Creator. However, we're working on a side project that will share some similarities with The Investigation. It's called "Life in Space" and you can check it out following this link. It's still in the early development stages.

Unfortunately no. We didn't envision a fully-fledged story although we'd love to revise it and create an entire game surrounding an investigation. We do have plans for a similar game but set in a dystopian future, but it's still in draft and it will probably take some years to come. Thanks for the kind words though! We really appreciate it!