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Really? That's new. Unfortunately The Investigation is no longer under development in favor of the Game Creator tools.

We don't think we're gonna continue the development of this particular game. It was intended as a "vertical slice", which means that we wanted to gather feedback from players and see what we did right and what not (and videos like yours do really help in this matter). 

For now we're focused on developing the tools for making games like this (check Game Creator), though we're confident that in a near future we'll be back into game development and make a full featured game.

Danke Schon! That is the extend of our German :-D We hope to create a full-featured game once we finish making the Game Creator tools. Cheers!

Awesome! We don't have stereoscopic googles, but it's pretty cool! Thanks! We hope you enjoyed playing The Investigation!

Thank you! We're on halt due to we're developing the tools for creating games like this. We'll come back and make it even better as soon as we can!

Hi! Open the window that let's you choose the screen resolution and hit the  "Play!" button at the bottom-right corner of the screen ;-)

Tanks @Mister! We just just launched the tools to create a game like this (in an Andventure Studio or RPG Maker way). We really hope we can come back and create a full featured game!

Awesome! Thank you @Prasthebutton for playing The Investigation! We got some useful insights from your gameplay! See you around!

Hahaha Awesome! Thanks @Syphon! We laughed a lot with your gameplay (specially the last jump scare at the end of the video ^^). Glad you liked it!

Glad you like it ;-D

Thank you @CJmiller97! We're thrilled to start working on a full game too! Right now we're focused on developing the tools for making games like this, but we've also been shaping a new story-driven adventure (like The Investigation) with a new unique mechanic that we think you're gonna like :-D 


Hi @trota68! Thank you one more time! If we had time to add a credits section, you'd definitely be in the beta testers hall of fame :-D

- About the "examination message" bug that doesn't allow you to move, you are right. Its a side effect of the bugfix we did on the last update, but we're going to get it fixed again for version v-0.1.4. 

- Sure! We're going to add an invisible wall so she doesn't do that. We spotted that the same happens in the bathroom's sinks.

- Looks like this is a bug with the game engine itself (Unity).  I'll see what I can do and what people say about it in the forums. Maybe updating to the latest Unity version fixes it. Has this happened to you with other games?

Thanks and cheers!

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Hi @bigeyekitteh! Thank you very much for the review! About the first (major) bug, we think it's been fixed in the new update (you have v-0.1.2 while the current is v-0.1.3. If you play again and see this error again, please let us know! Anyway, we'll dig in case we missed something ;-D

We don't understand what you mean about the second bug, but you surely can destroy objects with the Game Creator tools (not displayed in the demo)! The tools are currently in review. Once they are live, we'll post an update and if you decide to start your own game (go for it! We actually want to do the same!), don't hesitate to ask us any questions! :-D

PS: In case you want to know, the first glitch was caused because of a bug of the game creator tools (now fixed thanks you all the community in itch.io that spotted it) that happened when clicking near an interactable object that moved the player. What happened was that there was a "fight" between the instruction of moving the player to the mouse position and the interaction happening at the same frame.


Awesome! *spoiler alert* We're adding a popup message in the next update so that if you cut the red wire, you'll know the demo has ended (and not just that you died). Cheers!

Thanks for the insights @BMC-UNIT! This demo is supposed to be just that, a technical demo, but since people are really enjoying it, we'd really like to continue developing a full game based on this story. Oh! And Chris would definitely have more weight to the story and development of events! Believable companions are also our soft spot ;-)

Congrats! We concluded you just won the prize for the buggiest walkthrough ^^ 

Seriously though, we'll definitely get it fixed for the next version as it breaks the experience. As you guessed, the third fuse is located behind the stretcher. Thanks for the review!

We'll definitely try to pull a more... coherent "flow" of events if we develop the full game. Thanks for the insights @Pecanyoutube!

Thank you @Noah! Sorry about the bugs! We'll work hard to fix 'em as soon as possible. Great job btw! *spoiler alert* Finally someone that cuts the red wire!

Great! Thanks @trota68! We've tried setting up the Discussion board but all the current the messages disappear (as expected). We're setting the first Devlog post as the Bug Report so we can keep all previous messages while having a bug report page. See you around and thanks!

Hi @trota68! Thank you very much! We think we know what the bug is, probably the character's collision capsule is blocking the view from the fuse. We'll try to have it fixed for the next version.

As for the bug report section, sure! This is actually the first time we're publishing something on itch.io. By game page, do you mean a devlog page? Or is there a way to add pages to a project? 

See you around!

Awesome! We'll work on the initial bug (sorry ^^). The Investigation is actually just a "technical demo" for another product we have, but since people are liking the setting of this game, we're thinking of making a full one. Thanks for the input and the video Gab!

Yup we reproduced both bugs. We'll try to get them fixed for the next version. The first one is more critical and actually affects our dev. tools, so a big thanks for spotting it ;-)

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@trota68 Thanks for letting us know! We'll get hands on right away! 

About pointing Rebecca towards Chris, could you elaborate? Do they actually move or just play the turn/walk animation? Really appreciate the input!

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Between 15 and 20 minutes give or take ;-D