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Shaggy Ball Z

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That isn't a bug, it is a feature. There is a setting called turn speed which controls how fast you turn

I can't run the linux version because it is for an x86/x32 bit system while I use a 64 bit system. can you make the linux version compatible with 64 bit systems? also the windows version runs fine with wine, but using wine might be a bit daunting for newer linux users.

Heyo, I have been trying for quite some time to get this to work with wine because there is no native linux download, but it doesn't at all work. So in your next update could you maybe consider releasing a linux update? I could test the linux build for you as well.

Can you make a linux port? I can't even play with wine because it doesn't accept any input, which is strange because the game still booted up and accepted mouse input

The game just doesn't start the download

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How do you make it work with parsec. do i use the sdk or what

Also i can only use Remote Play with steam games

I can't install

I also really loved playing the game on my laptop with my little brother even if i don't have a controller. might be doing the speedrun soon

Will there ever be an online mode. Just asking


Wait Snap is a turtle i thought he was a bird

oh i didn't know

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There is a secret if you type a youtubers name who played other overboy games 

EDIT: it only works with markiplier

so today I was following the vampire and I found that he starts to glitch and spasm the farther he goes, I also found and red barn

How do you get the sword. I am very confused because I have unlocked  everything in the game and even defeated that secret boss in the caves but I cant find the sword


thank you also o you have any tips on making a game like the best software and skills

Can you add a menu because i need to change controls and also i have to restart my computer to close

My game keeps crashing but i dont know why

I cant close the window and also for a bonus the screen is entirely black on the game