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Catch Ten One Ten

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You integrated the music in very well! Blended in perfectly with the sound effects and overall vibe. Keep up the good work! 

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Very cool. Looking forward to when this can be played!

You made my day! Thank you! Good choice of tracks all around in that trailer! Well done! 

Lots of cool songs in that trailer! I'm glad you found the track useful! I also appreciate you sharing your project with me! Keep up the good work! 

I first tried this months ago and the control scheme was absolutely frustrating to me, couldn't even get out of the starter room. It's really frist. 

I played for a while today and I gotta say, I'm digging it. It feels nothing like a skateboard to me. As a former pacific northwest long border that may have been my initial problem. It feels much more like controlling a segway, which is also hella odd but once you learn super easy and efficient. 

Clearly, a lot of thought was put into this controller. It feels very well-grounded in its intended movement. However, it needs gamepad support. Badly. It's like playing a marble madness 3d ball roller with your mouse. 
You can...but my GOD is it needlessly stressful. 

Add some gamepad support, maybe make a free roam version with an open level with lots of stuff to vault off, zip around, loop de loop. If you rebranded this entire thing as a futuristic Tony Hawk Segway game, I'd 100% buy it. 

Good stuff. This is the kind of hidden gem that just needs some polish that makes the indie scene shine. Keep up the good work! 

I absolutely loved this! The scene is built so well I thought there'd be a much larger scope to it. I am NOT disappointed. Just good world-building. The visuals too. I love how the input feels like you really are controlling with the stick. It's amazing! 

I think this is the type of content that shines best on itch. It's like a small section of a AAA title or larger commercial game. The feet are oddly realistic too haha. The IK of the arm. Inspires me as a fellow dev to get back into it all again. 

I'd love to see a small 3d game by you that, like INSIDE, tells an eery story without any words at all. You can do it!

Hey there! I'm so glad to hear this! I've been holding off uploading music here as I didn't think anyone would need it. All my stuff is so singer-songwritery haha. Please make sure to send me your game! That's awesome!