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That's actually really awesome, I didn't even know that could be done lol

Sure! I'd really appreciate it! I assume you need the actual Project file to do this (which I didn't include in the download), so [here's that].
It's really cool to have people wanting to translate ones work, this is exciting!

Oh no.... Sorry, I never got a notification of your reply, are you still wanting a list? It'll seem a bit disappointing with all the wait for simple endings
There's no officially set "neutral", "good", or "bad" ending

With the bleeding symbols, you can choose to activate it or not, doing so will make the different areas each deactivate/erase one by one, and if you have all the flowers, Limbo would automatically use them to activate the erasure of his own existence, but if you don't have all the flowers, then you have just trapped him with an entire world of nothing left in it. The other ending forces him to step away from the Bleeding Symbols and walk into an endless void just like in the start before he found these different areas in the first place

Lost community · Created a new topic 1st year anniversary

Here’s art in celebration of Lost’s 1 year anniversary! I can’t believe a whole year has past since I made this project!

Haha, yes, the influence from OFF is the most clear (painfully clear), though there's other influences/references to other RPGs typically around the same time period. OFF just had the biggest impression on me, made me admire surrealism and masks. I also used the sprite-sheet as a reference to making a walksprite, but apparently people didn't like that and thought I directly copied. They were probably making a joke and I didn't understand though, I'm not sure... Excuse the late reply.
Have a nice day!

Oh... Yeah, I forgot to mention, the number of eyes is what you need to pay attention to

There's a note on the library desk with symbols, the pages from the books have symbols, that is al
Have a nice day

The code isn't necessary for completing the game, it's more of a lil extra bit I put in just because
It's simply the date I uploaded the game (but the timezone is off, so it's actually a day earlier... 4/28)
Sorry I didn't get to this question earlier, I had a rehearsal I needed to go to, which ended up giving me a migraine and causing my back to ache really bad today

Don't worry, it's not supposed to be. Anyway, there's three endings, not much can affect the possibility of getting either one
If you want, I'll go ahead and list the endings

Oh, don't worry, those plaques were put there to confuse you
There's an eye drawn on a wall that gives you the right code, I hope you're enjoying the game so far
Have a nice day!

I re-uploaded the game where now it gives a hint as to what you're meant to look for with the visuals seen in that void and allows backtracking to that area so players could see the four beings and figure out the code much easier. Sorry for the troubles, I guess this code was in fact much harder than previous puzzles that were rather simplistic

If needed, I'll program the option for the player to go back after the autorun event plays (which I thought would be difficult, but may be an easy add-in)... There's a reason why you see the greater beings there in the void like that, basically, you go by the moving eyes for the code in the order they appear in. I'm glad you enjoyed it so far and hope this part wasn't too stressful.
Have a nice day!