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I can just agree! Totally amazing game in every way. Had soooo much fun playing it! 

Thanks! :) 

Thanks Kaktusz, that was exactly what I was looking for.
So I started to add multiplayer support for the single player parts I've already done just so that everything also works in online too. I'll focus on the single player game first and will expand it from there.

Also the game took a big leap sideways and it's now 3D instead of boring old 2D. Check out the difference here

I recently start the development on Missile Dash which is a game intended to be released on Consoles and PC. You  find the game page here

My questions is what is more important for gamers? I can either start with the single player mode and build that or I can start with the multiplayer mode, free for all battle mode with 20 ish planes and/or battle royale gameplay. 

In your opinion what is most important as a business value (yes I intend to sell the game for about 5$ - 7$ later on)? 

What is more important Multiplayer mode or Single Player Missions? Need to make some hard choices of what to focus on first.  

Missile Dash is my latest project. Actually it's not really a new project at all since I  released it 2 years ago on Windows Phone but messed up and lost the source code for the game. So 2 years later after anger management classes, I think that I'm ready to give it another go. 

Missile Dash started as a very casual game with the idea that you should escape missiles by dodging them.  The game uses a similar technique as Asteroids where the screen wraps around it self. So if a missile exists on the left side it will appear on the right end of the screen. 

The only problem is that the game feels a little bit meeh and I eventually would like to charge for it. So it needed more things in it do do. So I started to think about old games for NES, SNES and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. I thought wouldn't it be awesome to get a modern version of Desert Strike or Top Gun. So with that idea I made a very basic concept of a mission and I think that it's pretty fun so far. 

There are loads of things to work on and I'd like to work together with you and that's why I released this game in a very early stage so you can be apart of the creation. Try the game and please stop by our Discord Server to give us more feedback and ideas what we can do next. 

Hey there!
I just released Missile Dash which is an early stage of development. Currently the endless mode shows the concept of the basic game idea but the ambition is to build missions like in the good old Desert Strike  on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Give the game a try and don't be shy to give us feedback. The game is available as a HTML5 game so you can easily try it: . If you have feedback about the game please join our Discord server or just post a comment. 

Would have loved a 2 player mode on this game and some nice sfx + music 


After several requests I decided to release Snake vs Snake on It's been out on Xbox One for about 6 months and has been nominated as one of the top games in the Xbox Creators Collection. The development cycle will be slightly faster on itch so stay tuned for more releases. 

Snake vs Snake is obviously yet another retro Snake clone but with a few twists:
☆ Play up to 4 players in a Mario Kart style battle mode with power ups
☆ Online high score list
☆ Much faster pace than your average snake game, each time you collect food the snakes moves faster
☆ Works with gamepad & keyboard, yes 4 players on the same keyboard, it's crazy but fun :)

PS we're trying a new thing where you can get mentioned in the Credits section of the game. Just create a suggestion for a level and sent it to us and we'll put it in the game and will give you credit for it :) 

Get it here

When using Asset Forge you will most likely do several exports at different intervals to check how the object looks in your game engine.

It would be awesome if Asset Forge would store the export settings I use so I don't need to specify them each time and also stop worrying about messing up by exporting a model in the wrong way.