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Nice work. I did have some fun.

Great entry!

I loved the puzzles and mechanics. Very clever.


Really nice game.

I liked the feel a lot.


A very nice game!

Unfortunately I did play alone but enough to get the mechanics and spirit.

Very clever! Indeed our games have a lot in common, but with a lot of difference!

I loved the art. Congrats!

Nice game!

You did a good job!

I enjoyed the local versus!

Nice job!

The artwork is very well done!

Very nice Game Boy feel!

I enjoyed play it! =)

Good work!

Lovely game! Gorgeous sprites!

Very clever bana-switch mechanic,

Amazing game. You did a great job.

Gostei muito!

Muito interessante.

Incrível como espiritualmente parece com o meu jogo, sendo totalmente diferente ao mesmo tempo!

The game has a interesting progression and when you get used to it you just go into to see what will come next.

Played all the 9 levels and have some fun. One thing that frustraded me:

-some falling rocks with gaps between them just seemed impossible to stand on the right spot.

Nice work!


I just uploaded an Unity sample project showing the usage!

Hi @hamackj!

I can make a sample project and update the project tomorrow night.

It is really a good idea... sorry I did not think this before.

Nice job. It reallys reminds me of Geometry Dash.

I think a faster retry cycle would add more pace to the game.

Dunno but, I need to grab my mouse and click play again every time.

Keep the good work!

So fun to fight against the AI! You did a really nice job on it!

Real Duel mode it's hard!

Hi @Durzal!

Thanks for playing and take your precious time to write such a kind post. It means a lot.
It will be my pleasure to read and reply to your notes about Daydreaming :)

Thank you again.

Thank you!

I have some interesting ideas to do with that :)

Can we dynamically change the color palete during gameplay?

I'm kinda of thinking in some mechanics that explore color shifting during gameplay...