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Interesting concept. Sadly some of the level design doesnt quite do it justice.

In the latter part of the game it also started to escalate in a unappealing way. Maybe if you'd make the abilities temporary pickups it could become more interesting. There could also be improvement on the juice and SFX which were a bit lacking.

On another the note, the animations were really nice, and there was a surprising amount of content. I also want to complement your composer, you did a great job.

You created a very charming game, but the closer you get to the end, the more frustrating. The wizards staff isnt very interesting, its mostly annoying. Theres little indication on when its going to happen and theres little leniency the further you get in the game.

I also dont really like the synth you used for the main melody, but apart from that the music is great. Plus theres a LOT of content which is impressive for 48h.

Ilike the concept. Sadly, the good ending, which I got, didnt give me the feeling like I did something special it was like; Man sad, give flower, man lives happily ever after. Try to make the good ending mroe fleshed out next time.

A few quality of live features like keyboard control could also help. Keep at it though, you have a great concept, and your storywriting is also good.

Very well polished game. The biggest complaint I have is that the cart already is basically uncontrollable before you even ride over bananas. I think it wouldve been more intresting if that cart had more tight controls, until you slip over a banana after which the controls would be like they're now. Overall though, very well done, especially with the art and audio.

Thanks for the feedback, I considered making more levels  but I didn't want to make the game too long, especially since people generally don't play your game for very long in jams.

Looks very awesome. I had a little bit of a tough time with controls but I enjoyed it.

Nice game! I found the game to be very difficult from the getgo and I never got a score higher than 300 which didn't feel very satisfying, maybe if the game started slower it would be more fun.

Solid game. An on screen reset button would've been nice though, it took me a while before I realised I had to reset with my keyboard.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree on the atttactors, it was very hard to get them to feel right, but I guess it does go well with the theme.

The game has great promise, but it has some issues. I took my quit long to understand how to controls worked and once I did the map didn't scroll once I got to the end of it. I think that that might be a bug. I had a bit of fun nontheless. Great job 

Felt very great, sadly the mouse maze was way to hard for me, I couldn't get past the part here I gave him admin rights.

Well done! Sadly the game is veeery hard, which kind of takes the fun our of it. If you can, maybe get a (or more) playtester(s). 

Awesome game! The controls feel great, although the combat still could be improved, not having played hollow knight, I had some issues with the melee combat. I often slipped a little to far bumping into an enemy.

The one thing that has me confused is the goal. I kind of mindlessly ran from chamber to chamber, but it seemed to loop around.

Finally, in terms of art you did a fenomal job!

The game has a lot of pontential, but it has some rough edges. There's nothing preventign you from just staying at one side, and theres not much of a difficulty curve.
If, in a post-jam version, you'd add a slowly increasing speed (starting at a slower speed then you start out now) and some more obstacles (possibly lamp posts) at the sides, it could be a really fun game.

The game feel and looks is good, but the genre doesnt appeal to much to me. It also takes waaa longer than I normally spent on jam games. If it werent for the help website I wouldnth have gotten past the first level, so maybe there should be more indications as to what the password is (Though it could also be my unfamilialarity with this type of games that made me over look this).

I get where your going for, but once you realise its just a competiton who can move the pieces quickest its not much fun. Its also misses some moves like castling and en passant, but I guess thats forgiveable for a jam game.

Hey there! Sadly I couldnt go past the wall jump fix, because the wall bugg fix didnt work.

The wall jump occasionally worked, I dont know if this is intentional, but it made the part impossible.

Ive got one little bit of feedback for the part I played; If the dead bodies of fixed buggs kill you, it would be helpful to have the dead bugs lying there to indicate where you cant go.

The idea seems well executed, it just bugged for me. I didnt participate I the jam, but I hope this still was soem helpful feedback.

Really awesome concept! I havent participated in the jam and therefore cant rate, but I hope I cna still provide some helpful feedback.

There just a bit of a balancing issue;
-Red enemies always spawn in one of the corners you're not in, this means you can camp in the corner up until infinity.
-There is no difficulty curve. So once you have mastered the game, the is no going further

Of course there also the missing high score. If you're using unity, you could use playerprefs for this (if you have never heard of that definitly check it out, its super easy)

But now, think about this; what if you kill the enemies, not by shooting them, but by moving them into a obstacle. This could make for some waaay more interesting gameplay. Maybe you could still shoot them, but only for knockback.

Hey there, I didnt participate in WOWIE but I still felt like giving some feedback. So here you go!

The overall game concept is great but there's one flaw. You can teleport through the outer walls of the tower making the game trivially easy to complete by wall jumping up the tower. An easy fix for this would be to add a check to see if youre trying to faze through a wall, or more coherent to the theme, make the game "glitch" when you get out of the wrong side of the tower and then teleporting you back.

The ending was really great though, and the way you managed to expect what the player would do is quite impressive. It was the intuitive thing to do.

Your interpretation of the theme, Ill be honest here was kinda a stretch.

Its definitly something Im keeping in my library though (the buggfixed version) Maybe my friends can beat me in this ;D.

Its a great game. I just find that the puzzles arent too challenging. Definitly one of the better games though.

Sadly I couldnt launchthe game due to a file not existing.

It feels like there is no ending to the game.  Also, there is no point in hittign the move buttons. Mashing repair and fuel works better. There should be a delay on those buttons.

You didnt add the game to the page. Did something go wrong there?

One of the better entries. Simple yet good.

A few things that would make the game more interesting:
- Possibility to rotate bricks freely
- More maps
- Faster regen of your walls

You did really well though. Great design.

Well polished! Next time Id go for more ambitious game though, seeign how well made this is I think you could do it.

Although the balancing is a bit off, you did an amazing job at the game.

Its a very nice game. Though the way you interpreted the theme was kind of a stretch I really liked the way it worked. Im kinda bumned you didnt add a normal build as webGL builds for 3d always lagg for me.

Ah. Very sorry for delivering a broken linux build.

Seeing 2 downloaded mac build with 0 confirmed mac ratings, Im afraid the mac build may also be broken. Thanks for making me aware of this problem.

Im not too experienced with linux but I know that there a various versions of linux. Is there any chance that the game works on another version of linux or is it best to just hide the download?

It took me a while to understand the game. A tutorial would've been appreciated.

Except from sprinting there was controller support. I only found out sprinting was a thing after reading the release page.

Im not sure if its beatable.

It could very well be that  the linux build is broken. I have no resources to test it. All controls should have a noticible effect. A very noticeable one. Did you play with controller? Because from what I read, the way I implemented controller support has some serious issues cross-platform.

The blue sphere is your way of moving, so if that didnt move you, it confirms that the linux build is broken.

This was really fun little game. Sometimes I just waited hiding on a bullet to hit an enemy like the dvd logo hits the corner. Can you get hit while hiding? I couldnt.

Ah I found the problem. I have winrar and it automatically used winrar to open it. 

About the game: Its extremely stressful with just 1 second. I found that jitterclicking your way through is the way to go. There should be a little penalty when you get something wrong. Also, next time,  to give the player some slack you could make it a little more then 1 second.

Overall it was really well polished. Good job.

The final level was really rage inducing. I finished it though.

I feel like the exanding screen might have wasted oppertunity, its kinda odd that its there with real purpose. With some brainstorming you could've maybe come up with an interesting addition using that. Maybe that it closes whilst you stand still?

On the other hand. In the current state it was really interesting, and there were no buggs visible to me. Good job!

I couldnt make it past the 3rd screen so I went through the wall. Jokes aside, nice game.

It was a really fun and well thought out game. One of the best games I played thus far. Just brutally hard.

A multiplayer sumo style game, each controlling a part of the keyboard sounds quite a bit more fun indeed.

Yes, that wouldve been a way better way to do the tutorial. I didnt think of that. Thanks :D.

Brutally hard, but well executed. Sometihng to keep the player playing maybe would've been good, but overall a really solid game.

Starting off here I wanna start by saying that you've made an amazing game. Im just taking a more critical look at it. Please dont get that wrong :D.

Playing this game I kinda had the feeling I was playing "one of those" games, there are probably 20 other games with exactly the same mechanic. (Just with a quick search , ). It just lacks a bit of originality. Seeing how well polished this game was Im sure youre capable of something more ambitious. If you can, try that in the next game you make.