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I love it. Thanks for all the helpful links that helped with your progress

This is amazing news!

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Ok, i think it is the exit crash that I am experiencing. There are two issues though, first is that the tutorial takes a minute or two to load and when i click on the individual lessons it shows loading statistics and no statistics are actually shown, is this normal?

Although development is slow but i believe it's a promising app. Hope to see some updates soon. 

Is this still under development. App keeps crashing

I see, thanks for the quick reply! Can't wait for 2.0 :)

Hi, just want to check if developments are still on going? . 

Q1, Rotations are currently fixed to certain degrees or am I missing something in the manual?

Q2. when rendering 2d sprites how to I adjust the camera freely?

I AM IN LOVE!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!! screams potential in every corner drifted ! Keep working on it would like to see this to the end!

Its an interesting collection you have put out "An essence to 10+ years of experience". I am new to your stuff but will there be any diary of sorts being released later on? I was hoping it could be included with that. I was hoping I could see more of the struggles and triumphs besides the description in the launcher :)