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For space shooter 3D game lovers, I am presenting Star Trust - 3D Shooter Game

Star Trust Trailer 0 - YouTube

Star Trust Trailer 1 - YouTube

Star Trust 3D by CarvalhoLO (

=> Destroy and explode 3D Monsters, Aliens, Dark Creatures and Demon Bosses.

=> Travel across Space Corridors at a High Speed avoiding Obstacles And living Walls

=> Get gold destroying these Creatures to buy Unique and Powerful 3D Space-Ships 

More details:

In Star Ocean 3D game the player can buy 9 different space ships with unique abilities and special powers. Each space ship have your own power and atributes. 

The stages are also being more hard each one. Level 1 is relative easy but the 1st boss have high resilience and a very power-full laser that is hard to avoid when he get your position. The second level is very insane with mana many crazy enemies that will try to get you and explode them selfs near you. The boss of the 2nd level have good mobility and also good range power with fireballs that can follow the player.

The level 3 is very different level where the player will need just to avoid the walls and obstacles to go ahead. In this lvl you will need to take care because if you find the wall you will need to start from the begining.

Lvl 4 player will need to invade the bees kingdom and avoid some obstacles also. Lvl 5 is very similar to lvl 3 but more hard and with different obstacles. And finally the level 6 is the last one for now where the player will need to avoid some obstacles in the dark tunnel and destroy the Succubus the final boss that have a super laser power and also the fireballs that can follow the player. Its a very hard boss.

If you like this game I can add more content like more levels or even more space ships. 

Hope you enjoy this!


Leonardo Carvalho