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how low effort was your project?

i made mine in exactly 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 53 seconds.

i had set a timer for 3 hours ;3

not bad

pretty good but left control is an odd button for that purpose

i give it a 3.141592653 out of 188.1689


i beat the game in 8.87 seconds. 5/5

my biggest weakness? collision, im so terrible with physics! i can hardly get a little dude to not fall through the floor half the time!

alright, ive just deleted the shortcut entirely and made it simpler, just run the "rocketjump.exe" file and it should run just fine

ill get that fixed right away, thank you for telling me!

The Tool Jam 2 community · Created a new topic end of jam

Fun jam, i had a great time making my little painter tool thing, you guys had some cool submissions too <3

1. Not currently

2. I could look into that as well

3. Pen size changing

4. This error is because I forgot to implement the sys module in python, I'll be sure to fix it whenever I can

Thank you for the comment :)

please do keep in mind, this is a prototype, and mostly broken, ive got a fair idea of what exactly is broken, though. collision, dying, sometimes there are ghost objects you cant interact with, and the collision function for the zombies runs really slow.