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 video gameplay of the game Cyber Dash Punk

video gameplay

comment and rate the video

in the video you can find:

  1. intro
  2. tutorial
  3. boss battle
  4. scoreboard
  5. achievments
  6. player customization.

sorry for the lag issue for the people how use recording program.

I create this gif to show you guys the game in 70% or 80% of the real FPS.


login popus?? only show up 1 time, when you login 

yea nice one you play the intro and the tutorial =)

nice, that great that you solved the problem =)

simple but enjoyable

i Love the graphics, the gameplay is nice.

and this is very challenging 

and is you wanna solve this problem in my game 

"Prelucid Pictures 55 minutes ago

Didn't rate because I couldn't get past the start button. Wasn't working for some reason, but from the art on the game page, it looks really nice."

you need to use the log in option with clay.io.

or the guest option in the clay io menu.

nice, good graphics, easy to learn.
genial buenas graficas y facil de aprender =)

Nice one I love the style

you need log in with a clay.io account or use the guest option to play with out login