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baba is ADORABLE

What a magical journaling experience! I kept my story super short because I'm a very lazy frog haha
Thank you for making such a beautiful game :)

So cozy! I plan to print the current pdf before playing. I heard the print version isn't out yet, is the current upload ok to print, or will it get all wonky?! I hope it will be fine :)

We need a dotmoon frogy farming game <3 !

Literally everything I could have ever have wished for in a game, I enjoyed being a cute lil frogy! A very heart warming game! :3

Absolutely wonderful, everything I could have wanted in a game! Froggy perfection. Just wondering, could there be an option to not have the save deleted upon completion? I understand if this cannot be done though! <3

Does anyone know how many levels are in roliboli? :)

frogy perfection, ultra thicc

so so cool and mysterious !

Better than the sims 4

They rejected my love, my gifts and stole my boat 10/10

I'm not a weed eating communist that watches lots of p0rn but wow this game is great, would recommend everyone buy it!

The pizza man sounds very depressed.

I found a secret lair and fell down a hill before I could explore it. 

My character is very colourful, I like this game :)

I did it! I got all the skills! Final boss made me feel like I failed all my school tests lmao. Not sure what to do now, I'm unsure if the game has ended :D

I love this pack, thank you! :)

I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm enjoying this game so much and omg the costumes are so cool :D

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Thanks for the reply! I had no idea that area was a thing haha! I've unlocked heaps of stuff now but can't figure out how to eat my mealmate! XD 

Edit: Holy shit I figured it out I just need to feed my mealmate lots of nice things and it'll become 5 star sweet

Mealmates community · Created a new topic I love this game

i love this game even though I am dreadful at the minigames haha, still haven't figured out how to obtain chests and cool outfits, any advice would be appreciated lol !

This is fantastic, I love it and the style of the worlds! (eyeballgirl is my new bff). Will keep my eye on this game as it develops :)

I have very low horror tollerance, but i have discovered most characters in this game look very spooky but just want to chat haha <3

Just curious, will this masterpiece be devoloped into a full game?!

So ugly its perfect.

Macbat 64 community · Created a new topic Adorable

Not gonna lie I watched the trailer once and instantly purchased the game, it looked that cool and adorable. Am having a blast playing as Macbat :)

Dear god why is this so ADORABLE! <3

Whoops nevermind I found a fix. The issue was that I was using the spear and was inside the beetle when I killed it, then the card would never drop. Killing the beetle at range with the shotgun made the card drop :)

I've gone to registry editor and unfortunately Software\OleanderGarden\Pagan3 doesn't exist. I really need the giant beetle to drop the sun card lol. Any advice would be appreciated! <3

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I love my lil dinosaurs, they keep me company and are super cute! Just an observation, the dinosaurs freeze and cannot move when launched from the itchio desktop app. Launching directly from the file location has no issues. Weird!

It works, thank you! <3

I can't wait to see this game develop further, I'm sure it will be incredible! (also the cute voices as the friends talk on the beach as the sun sets, just so so precious aaah!)

Hi, I think RotM is just stunning. I also own UnearthU and am really enjoying the little daily rituals. (Also some feedback! I am unable to download RotM on the Itchio desktop app! It just comes up with nothing availble to download) 

Absolutely charming, they have such a cute friendship!

I can't wait it looks adorbs ahh

Stunning! Love the kaleidoscope of wild colours <3

Very strange and weird, I liked it!

I'd love to buy the full game! Just noticed this was a demo eek!

Just wondering, is there anyway to turn the effects off? :D

This game is so charming and fun! Visually its so sick, I love the whole aesthetic of it 11/10

I'm trapped in the starting area, I haven't figured out how to leave, still love the game 10/10 <3

Amazing, just stunning.