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I also rated every single entry! That was so fun, reading every single different game and finding so many gems. People are missing out by not going through all of them. Good work everyone!

I sincerely appreciate the feedback! I intentionally did not give much in terms of the details of the cult because I wanted it to be more of a prompt; something players could build from, especially since they could pick any kind of book and this might inform their cult's style. I also felt  that a GM was good thematically, giving the whole idea that there is a divine being, but no one is getting it right, and everything is kind of up to their whim... just thought that scenario was a bit funny. 

I certainly think that you're on to something though, and that the game could be modified to leave the existence of a divine being out of it, and have it be a GMless game. All in all I think you're possibly envisioning a game that would have a more serious undertone, while I was going for a little more silly (with the expectation people will choose silly books).

The Micro-RPG Jam community · Created a new topic Ratings

I'm surprised there have not been more ratings on these games, given the number of entries! I hope more people end up taking a look and sharing their thoughts...

At the end, will we only see who was rated highest, or will there be a way to see the averages of the ratings our game got? I feel like if there was a way to see what people were rating it, it would give me an idea of what needs to be worked on.

This is one of the most original, thematic mechanics I've seen so far! Honestly, cost is not prohibitive, when many games call for dice you can only buy in sets that are more expensive. I also think playing in the dark is neat, but the overall light in the room would be dim given the number of glowing stones everyone has. Really great idea!

I love the 8 minute period that kicks off the game and is different afterwards. Feels like the beginning of Dawn of the Dead, where the terror of how bad things truly are start to quickly sink in. Well done.

I love the way we build our character by picking these awesome sounding weapons. Not having a description makes me imagine every single one as being super powerful and awesome, which really fits the tone. Very Pacific Rim feel to this.

AM/FM Radio?!    :P

I really like the pacing as it's laid out, with the space map. I also like giving scraps of paper and then dealing them out to use as inspiration; that would get so much cool shared creativity! My only problem is with uncovering questions or answers; why are we doing it? Do the questions need to eventually be answered? Is this just a portion that encourages roleplaying, but mechanically is not required?

5 stars for setting because it can take place in Canada specifically.

Honestly though, I like these mechanics, and the title makes me imagine a kind of Top Gun in space game.

Thanks! What little play testing I did, I used Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency! It was hilarious to be a doom and gloom cult reading about an electric monk...

Is it frowned upon to put comments on a submission page? I can see people wanting to ask clarifying questions, but I imagine it wouldn't be great to have people sharing opinions of the system while voting is still going on?