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We're anticipating the release, but we're also patient. Lives come before games! (Wish big publishers knew that too)

Each time I examined something new, I liked the main character more and more. Loved the expressions they did. Good luck with development, I'm looking forward to this!

I always wondered why Khemia's more woke society treated Neferu so awfully. Looks like we'll get to find out!

He's a talking beast man; what the hell brain?!


After playing  the demo and reading the character bios on the kickstarter page, I would like to congratulate you for the fact that Aster seems to be a very well done main character.

Most of the time eroge protagonists have the personality of a paper bag, but Aster's presence added a lot to the demo. His backstory is intriguing and he appears to be a dutiful, capable person. I'd really like to learn more about him during the different routes. And the girls too of course, but that's obvious.

Also looking forward to doing office work. That's such an unusual thing to include. You have my support.

I had such a pleasantly miserable feeling throughout reading this. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the finished version!

Really love the art style as well.

This is great! It's so wonderfully melancholic.
And Thales is best boy.