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Just did some work on this - I've now got a fairly sane development pipeline set up. Objects and jazz get loaded from Tiled maps and get loaded into the game in the right place and animate correctly and stuff so woo, progress!  Currently it looks like this:

The game is called 'Flow Control' now partly because there were lots of things called Cyber-something or described like that, partly because that sort of describes the main game mechanic but mostly because it's a terrible networking pun

There's now an itch page for it that you can view as well! 

The handling on there looks very well refined given how well you can take a corner at high speed. Looks cool!

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Y̬̯͍̪͘O͔͈̣̲̭͘U̼̺̰͍ ̠̞̰̬̮͚̀ͅA͏R̙̮̞E͙̥̟̯̦ ̪̮͔̤̰̗U̲Ń̜͇̝̠̼DE̖̠͓͘R͉̰̳͎ ̸̙͍̭ĄT̳͕T͔̼͉̱̖̗͈͡A͈̤͎̺͓̟͝C҉̰̜̤̞͙̣̫K͏̲̝̲͍
͕̜̗̞̝S̫̖̜̙͍E͏̰̰̲C͏̘̲̼Ù̜R̲E̘̼̟͇̺͞ ͚̬Y̡Ò̥̝ͅU̜̝̮̖̹R̝͔̹̱̟̬̦͘ ̪̟̼̠͈͚͠S͔̳Y̟̞̙̜̘̝ST̰͎̩͍͕̬E̖̹̤̦͎̝M̸̮̞̺̖͔̬ͅS̤̣̠͞


Your systems are under attack, as the IT administrator it is your job to make sure that threats are shut down while documents are processed successfully.

Oh and one more thing, this attack is happening to parliament - the law makers of your land. So if you don't sort it out, there could be severe consequences!

Deal with austerity!

There will be many challenges that come your way such as budget cuts and having to keep up with system updates to keep would-be attackers at bay.


And that's it as far as concept goes so far! I developed a little bit of a "taste for meat" when I developed Public Space Evaders- but for the sake of developing something approaching actual proficiency I thought I'd stick with the same toolset, i.e. LibGDX - which is super nice because I can target pretty much any platform I'm interested in targeting with it (I'm thinking web as the primary target, but I'm hoping to do a mobile distribution too). It'll be my first serious foray into an ECS based architecture.

I'm using Piskel which I'm finding really good for my one-man-band programmer art level animations. 

This game is, like my previous one, inspired by current events:

Although I expect the scope to be a bit broader since I'm not trying to work to an incredibly short deadline (like, say, during a snap election) - hopefully the concept of information security won't be totally irrelevant by the time it's finished!

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Okay it's pretty clever and fun but also makes me want to throw my laptop. I love it. And hate it. and ARGH.

Nice Jam! It'd be cool if it were developed further maybe with some obstacles. :)

I like your game! I made a terrible sleep deprived let's play of it. Enjoy!