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This is one of the coolest things I've played in recent memory.
The robot, Erraldoi 2000, has a very simple design, but has carved a place in my heart.

The info screen was too confusing for my taste yet ironically, figuring out the mechanics through play was a true joy of discovery. Every time I uttered "What does this do again?" was followed by a "woa this is so cool!".
Really fun, would love to see a more refined update; it's a few tweaks away from being a must-play.

I know it's for 1-Game-a-month but should you feel like tweaking the game a bit, here are some comments that I hope you will find constructive!

- There is no X in the upper-right when you are in full-screen mode. No way to quit besides Alt-F4.

- When you kill several enemies in a short amount of time, you will see a succession of power-up screens. My idea would be to start a timer after a kill; if no other kills are made within a defined time period, show the pop-up screen. If more kills are made before the timer expires, then reset the timer and add one skill point. When the player ends his killing streak, show the pop-up screen with the amount of cumulated points to spend on the power-ups.

- It is very hard to judge the depth of the lasers, maybe a shadow or a lighting effect on the ground would help.

- Powering up the fire rate seems to increment linearly, which makes some upgrades feel useless. Maybe have the first upgrade shoot a bit faster, the next one 5 times faster, etc. Progression would be much more pleasant and have more of an impact that way. Also maybe a limit to how fast the fire rate can go.

- A powerup after each and every kill keeps the gameplay from flowing; it starts and stops very often. Maybe give a power up every 1, 3, 5, 8, 15 kills.

Keep developing!

Anything can be procedural! Dungeons & Levels are the most common, but the principle can be applied to anything!

Waves of enemies could be procedural (instead of placed by hand), damage to buildings or tiles could be procedural, any system in the game which can be defined by rules and automated can be made procedural.

Very interesting idea. Here are my thoughts, bugs, etc.

- No way to quit the game?

- Letting yourself (the cube) fall off the ledge and pushing back towards the ledge makes the cube stick to the wall. Only work on the very top portion of the 1st vertical wall.

Love how gameplay / physics change with your number of lives however, it seems to make the game literally impossible with a low number of lives, which might be the message but it doesn't have a powerful impact as you can simply suicide and restart with 10 easily.

- Just a generic GameMaker icon? come on, make an icon for your game!

Played it on Windows 7