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Heya, I thought the game was nice :) The art was cute and I liked the dresses.

? what do you mean by no? Was the game bad or did you mean something else??

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It was a lot of fun! I feel like your game fits the theme very well, I didn't expect it to be Henry Stickmin inspired, so that was a really nice surprise :) Well done. 

Heya, I didn't know audio played a role in the game, my volume was turned to 7 or something, so I couldn't hear anything haha. I think it'd help to have something like "Turn on audio" shown.

Anyway, I played the game and loved what you did with the concept, it's really creative and a lot of fun :)

After discovering audio plays a big role in the game, and nothing actually went wrong, I finished the game and enjoyed it! The intro was a bit long, but I liked it regardless. Loved what you did with the concept, 5 star rating :)

Fun little game, but it's a bit too slow for me. I think it's a good concept though and I enjoyed the game :)

Heya, I think I'm stuck on the title screen? After pressing play, the letters just bounce around, so I think something went wrong with my game

This was a fun little game :) I loved the animations and graphics :D

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I loved it! Even though I had trouble with the mouse controls (I played in browser) the game was still a lot of fun, I really like what you did with the overworld and there's overall a lot of content :)

The backgound music was also nice (:

Heya, this game was a lot of fun, it's a bit slow in the begin, but the upgrades you added helped a lot. The Game reminds me of old flash games :)

This was really fun to play, it was difficult, but loved it anyways. The sound design's great

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Heya, I found this after browsing through the adventure game jam submissions. Not a part of the jam anymore, and I didn't play the game or anything, but I really liked your character's design, so I thought I'd leave a messgae.

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Heya, just came back to your message, I'm not sure what you meant with;

"Honestly, I feel the weak male protagonist schtick is a bit overwrought."

I'm not sure when the weak male protag trope was being played for comedy? Aside from getting uncomfortable after the confession because he only knew Sakura for 3-4 days at the time of the confession, I don't think Yannick, the protag, really did anyhting that seemed weak.

"If a girl like that (MS Paint portraits notwithstanding) stalked me, I would be as deeply in love as she is."

Good for you but the Protag isn't.

Heya, I know it's been two years since you asked, so you've probably moved onto other projects. I love the concept of your game, even though there were some things that could've been improved, like the artwork and how the story was told for example, but it's still a nice little scary game!

Heya, I know it's just an early prototype, but I feel like there should've been more content or features to play with. I was looking forward to seeing you and Midori interact and talk about the world they live in. Most/many buttons just lead to an empty screen.

Plot 3/5 - The plot sounds like the game will be a dystopian slice-of-life where you raise your daughter in a terrible world trying to make the best of it (a huge assumption), but aside from the intro, nothing is mentioned or expanded upon.

Graphics 1/5 - The graphics are very basic and I really like the aesthethic of the drawn images, but Midori's wonky anatomy makes her look goofy. I'm not sure why she's wearing underwear as a 3d model but a skirt when she's in the cafe. (maybe that model didn't include a skirt? Or the underwear is casual wear?)  It's cool her eyes track your cursor though.

Audio 4/5 - I don't have anything to say about it, it's pretty nice.

Overal 2/5 - The game has potential, but it's unclear what the goal is and how you'll be taking care of your daughter. I think it'd help make the world and the protag's relationship with Midori feel more real if some text describing what they were doing showed up. But I think you were already planning to add something like that.

Additional notes; I think that the protag/father kissing Midori is just plain weird, parents kissing their kids isn't bad- but the one that you've shown looks more like a romantic tounge kiss. A kiss on the cheek or forehead whould've been so much more appropriate, unless that was intentional and part of the plot, or something.

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Heya, thanks for the response, I totally get why you didn't like the artstyle I went with. It was intentionally lazy/amateur/bad/cringy/??? to refrence what many anime fans drew in Ms paint when they were younger, but obviously not everyone recognizes the style, so to some it may just look really weird haha.

Heya, thanks for the feedback, this is really helpful!

I didn't put too much thought in 22 PM because I thought it looked cool and forgot no one writes times like that, I'll change it to 22:00 for consistency. (the tv uses 00:00)

There is a reason why Sakura (japanese girl) has these quirks, it was supposed to be part of the plot or something, but I plan on toning it down a bit in the final version. I'll see what I can do about the lines being weird on browser.

Again, thanks!

Heya, I loved the art, but for some reason shooting the enemies doesn't work and the controls are a bit weird.

I love the graphics of the game! It was really fun :)

Heya, I liked the game! Even though I didn't make it very far because I couldn't tell where I was going, I thought the spider on the cover page looked really cool and thought the atmosphere was nice.  Maybe glowing mushrooms (or any other trail) leading people into the right direction can help players find theie way just a bit easier. I'll try to beat the game again later :>>

Hi, I just tried out the game, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to point the light at and why I died immediatly after starting the game.  It's a fun idea, but detailed instructions and a (short) story told durning gameplay could've really helped.

I really liked this game and the visuals! Good job :)

It's a really fun game! It's a bit buggy and hard to see where you're going at times, but I love the concept and it's super fun regardless.

I don't think so, voting ends in like 2 days :(

Maybe just say something like "hey I originally made this for the 2021 paint jam but whoops time ran out!" in the description.

Yay! Glad you liked the game!

:D thanks a lot! I was too lazy to remove the buttons so I just added some more dialogue and called it a day

me neither :(

Hey uuuh, no idea how to run the game, sorry.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!!