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with the love studios

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Some quick feedback for you:
Right at the beginning, where the 'SPACE TO JUMP' tutorial message appears.   Jumping out of the cave where 'To JUMP' hovers can be a bit tricky.   If you jump even a fraction too early, you'll hit your end on the top of the cave and miss the jump.   You might take a tile off the ceiling (or maybe extend the ground 1 tile out past the opening of the cave) so it's easier to jump out of the cave without bumping your head.
Really not a huge deal, I actually made the jump perfectly on the first try the first time I was playing.  It was only when I went back to play through again that I noticed it.


oh you bet, and don't feel bad, I can personally say that you are definitely not the only one who left some errant code in their submission ;)

please, please, please make an update!   You don't even have to do anything with the shooting mechanic I was rambling about.  This is a great little idea and definitely deserves more development!   The world needs more games about spreading the love!  :)

Fantastic!  Really glad you made it in before the deadline!  ;)

The first time I played I skipped all the carnival games and just went straight to the prize counter and got a new doll then took it back to the car.
TBH, I didn't even realize there were mini-games until reading the comments here, so I went back and checked them out and I'm glad I did!    The story is a great idea, makes a good wrapper around a mini-game collection.  Plus I'd swear I've lived the story in real life at least once before, perhaps twice!  ;)

I really like how firing your gun pushes you back!   Took a moment to adjust to the idea, but it gives the game a great 'holding on by the skin of your teeth' feeling as you are always fighting against the kick back to keep from falling off platforms. 

I love the story that you wrote for this one!   Game is fun too, kinda punishing but I think that goes with the turf for this type of game.   

Love it!      I particularly the arrow mechanics, how you can put more or less power into the shots by how long you hold down the button.  Only wish it was a bit less sensitive.  Seemed to have a lot of times when I wanted an arrow to drop very close to me (like standing on a stump shooting at an enemy below) but that requires very quick tapping for these old hands!  

oh just checked and it's definitely my fault, that's the default window size.  Meant to switch it to something bigger but I guess that's something else to add to the 'to-do' list ;)     It will remember the new size if you re-size the window, so you won't have to re-size it every time you start the game.  That much I did get in there before time ran up.  :) 

Thanks!  Watching you play the game was very instructive!  

I'm sorry the controls weren't more clearly explained, a tutorial or help page is definitely on the 'to do' list once the competition is over.
The big concept I can see wasn't explained to you is that you are actually swapping colors around the image.  So the process is select color A, then color B and then they will swap pixels.  That's why the image keeps changing on you as you click around.

I also noticed the presentation got a little confused on first play through, with Game Over and some other text all coming on the screen at the same time, sorry about that!   Definitely nice to have a video of the mishap, you can bet I will be watching that one over and over to try and figure out what happened and get that bug squashed!  :) 

Finally, I wanted to ask what size window you played on?   I noticed the 'High Score' text came up over image at times.   This won't happen if the window is larger.  But it's totally possible I forgot to set the default window size large enough.

Thanks for the kind words!  
I have a laundry list of improvements to make once the competition's over and 'help page' or 'short tutorial' is definitely high on there!
About the images being too complicated, one of the other improvements is to sort and present the images by difficulty.  I actually have this working but switched back to full random before submitting for the jam because I rand out of time searching for images that were simple enough to work with the concept.  With the small set of images I used in the Jam build,  if I sorted by difficulty, you'd be playing the same images over and over.   Hence, a corollary improvement is to add more images to the collection.   Anyway, sorting by difficulty definitely adds a nicer sense of progression to the game and helps ease you into the more complicated images.