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Hello, is it possible to integrate this with your "complete platformer" asset -- with the final result being some sort of metroidvania game?

Hello, just purchased this a couple hours ago. Since my planned game will be 1280x720 in resolution, how should i set the battler's x and y coordinates to reflect this change? Because as of right now, the battlers aren't automatically adjusted to the screen itself (ie, the battlers are currently at the center after expanding the horizontal resolution).

Thank you!

Was about to purchase this -- would you recommend waiting on that new version or can i purchase this now, create a project using this, and it will still open on the new version?

Hello! Really looking forward to purchase this; however, i would like to know the platforms that this can run on? (Just PC? Or perhaps mobile, HTML5?) Thank you!

It's been a while since i've been on itch and i've recently just stumbled upon this challenge. However, upon checking the entries section it seems like there's only one entry despite the fact that the deadline is just 9 days away.

Considering the aforementioned fact (adding to that is the recent global pandemic), is this challenge still on? Or is there any news somewhere that the deadline is moved to a later date?

Thank you.

Ah, okay then! Noted. You see, the "sometimes she may need to wait" was some sort of "precursor" to the actual tutorial texts (in this case, the "press A to make her wait ,etc"). By that i mean i didn't expect people to take that specific text literally. In the previous room, i added texts like these as well (for example, "while some could be a trap" then followed by the actual tutorial text "press Z to attack". All in all, any of the texts in the tutorial rooms that aren't specifically commanding you to press any keys are just there as hints and it's for the player  to decide what to do with those texts.

But thank you, thank you very much for the feedback, Colin! It will really help me improve the game. I'll take that into account the next time i work on this game. :)

Hi there! The tutorial says "press A to make her wait" (she will stop walking), and "press A again to make her follow you" (she will follow you again).  Just make her wait, then head on without her. Stepping on the first switch will make a monster drop near the entrance, so you just have to figure out a way to make her follow you as soon you step on the switch. That way you're both already moving and she won't be reached and attacked by the monster behind her. Of course, the extra challenge there will be the ramming obstacles; but then solving puzzles and going through obstacles  is the  point of the game now, isn't it? ;)

I'm sorry if you're already having a hard time in the tutorial; but good luck! :)

Oh wow i didn't know that a game like that exists -- too bad  there were no actual gameplay footage in there. >_<

I actually got the idea from Resident Evil 4 -- specifically, those parts wherein Leon is escorting the president's daughter. Don't know if you're familiar with the game,though.