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CantReachTheSuga :c

A member registered Oct 22, 2020

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It didn't work before. But then I shortly realized it had to do with my computer and the game actually works fine. Sorry for giving a negative review before. I didn't mean it, I now really enjoy playing it! 5 stars!

I have watched LaurenzSide do a video on this game and I wanted to play it as well. But for some weird reason these games never download on my computer and I have to pay for it. Do ya'll have this too?

I have sent loads of these reviews on other games like this one. But for me none of the games download! Please tell me how you can download. :(

I know that this comment was really cringey and all, especially at the end. But I really hope somebody responds soon! Most likely wanting it to be the creator. GOOD DAY! :D

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I read all of the instructions and I thought the game seemed really cool. But after I tried downloading it it wouldn't work. I would really appreciate it if the creator could please respond to this comment or fix this issue and then let me know. And this goes to the people who enjoyed the game "please don't hate on this comment. I'm not hating on the creator of this game and I'm not hating on the game. I'm only saying it won't download on my computer (which is a windows 10)." Thanks for taking the time to read this message! Have a great day to the creator or anybody else who's currently reading this. I wish you the best of luck in your live and wish you an amazing future ahead of you!

- Sugar