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Autumn Rain

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Hi! I'm Autumn! 

GDC way too expensive! So I continue to work on my games at home this week. I love exploration in games, and my recent work reflects that I believe. 

Check out a few of my games, by the way! Here are a few screenshots...

From Sewer Rave

And, I'll show some screenshots from some projects in the works currently!

From a project that will be public later!

And lastly, a project I started working on just this month with FRIENDS! I am very grateful to be working with people who are so very talented.

oh my god where did all these tears come from....

Thank you! This is some good feedback! I'll take this stuff into consideration for when I make an update.

i love these character & enemy designs! good music and interesting dialogue. talk to dogs to heal? excelent.  super looking forward to this 

how do i pin a comment . how do i save it forever 

hey i'm enjoying using this so far! but i'm confused how you separate one big face into equally sized faces when you extrude. (since I want it all to be about the same cube size) it kind of seems like that happens in the gif, but i can't figure it out looking at the readme 

cute! and kind of addicting 

what? are you sure?

super cute and clever! the art has such charm and the music fits the mood perfectly. luv the worm disco heck yeah

As for the window zoom on linux.. I'll have to look into that once I get the chance >.< 

It takes about 3-4 seconds to shush a character/phone. And you can't just walk around holding down the shush button, you've gotta walk up to them, then start shushing.

I like how the camera and aiming works.

Really cute! 

Pretty tough >.< But I'm loving this!

press f

I like how jumping makes you progress slower, makes every jump need to be more strategic 

super fun, i love the music. got a score of 915..