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i'm glad you enjoyed it! :) yea i really didn't put any failsafes in for that, oops

YEAA ok good to know it's not just me. Also on Linux and the Toilet Realm is pitch black.

This rules so much, great job! I had a lot of fun

omg this is so good, i love the flatwoods monster so much

Ardent I love this so much! The ring of Louie heads, the sky gradients, just the vibes,,, incredible. I've learned so much about Louie and still so much evades me...

thank you! t4t rights!

thank you georgio! :)

holy shit

i like collecting the orbs

i loved this game so much, especially the part where hoppin tom sings. it's very cute and fun!

I love this so much! You are a talented artist and I know how hard it can be to give yourself credit. I have a lot of the same feelings and insecurities, and it's honestly refreshing to see someone putting them out there so openly and genuinely.

I love this concept! The focus on liminality and constantly shifting characters seems really fun. I can't wait to play it! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Cute little game! It was really tough but I'm glad I stuck with it through the end :) Henry is cute, and it's cool to see a game made in Godot!

Really nice prototype!


video game,,

I like this a lot! The concept of a snail as a test subject / inmate is very interesting and I think it has a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing the full version! :) _@_v

i love it <3

I cut the nails down to the cuticle and I've honestly never been so uncomfortable, fantastic job!

This game was really silly and fun! The awkward controls perfectly capture the difficulty of shaving a huge chunk of your body. It gave you a mohawk and no eyebrows :p

thank you</html>