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This is a nice little game, I'd enjoy it if there were possibly more spookos and levels, but what it is is still very nice! 

This is an awesome game with beautiful design and fun mechanics. 

This was an absolutely adorable game with driven story, and although it doesn't tell you anything, the artistic representation of the game and the cleverness of it connects on a much deeper level. I'll be rooting for that little piece of paper in my dreams. 

Really a great game but I'm also looking for more as well. Happy to hear that a second game is in the works to help elaborate on the story and really expand on such an interesting game! 

I think I've had enough of Dora for one lifetime. Please, no more...

This was a great game, really enjoyed the simplistic style yet amazing spook that left me with shit in my pants and tears in my eyes. It shows that not all great games have to be made with a large amount of money put into it or a massive team. It doesn't need to be a Triple-A game to be fun. Great job! 

A totally immersive experience that really delves into what it MEANS to be an x-ray airport security patrol man. Really loved it, and I'm happy to have served my time protecting this great nation... however messed up it may be.

It was fun, but it DID have a couple of issues with arresting certain people that had restricted items on them. However it was easily dealt with and I enjoyed every bit of the game.

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Fantastic demo so far, the amount of work you've put into every little detail is insane and it really shows with the amount of things you can pick up and the stories you can receive about our protagonist if you really look. Great demo, I would love to play the whole thing! 

Really amazing and hilarious game, my only wish is that it were longer! Was very fun seeing just how much I could break the game! 

Seems like it could use some work, but in no way was it a bad game. I enjoyed it and understood the majority of it, however the story was a little lacking and could've used to be elaborated upon more.

Regardless, it was a pretty spooky experience with a good use of jumpscares and eerie vibes. I had fun! 

STILL surprised that one of the major times that I died I ended up doing a 360 without realizing it. That was pretty dumb of me. :

How could I not have a great time playing it?! Even a couple weeks/months after playing it I won't forget this game, it is absolutely  amazing! You've got some skills in Game Design, I'll tell you that. Really perfected a good horror experience without having it be too long in this game.

Really fantastic game with a couple of well-placed jumpscares. The story was a bit hard to follow and the scary noises seemed a bit too close together resulting in a less-genuine horror experience, however it was still very entertaining to play.

Really silly and entertaining game you've made here! You've turned something dull and mundane (not spilling a beverage) and turned it into something genuinely fun. Great job! 

This is absolute, utter insanity and I love it! I wasn't too far off of the truth, one of the only things that my brain didn't piece together was the fact that it was all in a state of hypnosis and that everyone was just a personality. I even said that, quite possibly, the character had DID however I still  didn't piece together that the ones that the story was formed around actually just alternate personalities! I could tell that something was wrong, I (sort of) figured out that the statues represented the death of Taylor, I knew things weren't as they seemed, but I just couldn't grasp that concept when playing.

It's a great game with a very unique idea, just like I said. It has substance, it makes the player think, and it's an experience to be had as well. These are the kinds of games that really peak my interest. Games that, on the outside, look like what is advertised, but once you start playing it there's a completely different story altogether.  You did a wonderful job with this, I can't give you enough praise.

Still not sure what to make of this game, it is highly entertaining and left me with more questions than answers. A really thought-provoking game if you ask me.

Really cutesy style to a game, I genuinely enjoyed playing it and had tons of fun helping my new friend move on.

Amazing game! very well done with spectacular graphics, animation, and elements of horror. This truly is the most terrifying experience I've ever had in a game. Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed the game, it's definitely a must-play. Short, simple, but fun. Hope to see you around on my channel someday

Awesome game, really like what's been done with it so far.  It's simplistic playstyle mixed with the advanced dimension shifting really coincides with one another. I really enjoyed the game and loved the idea behind it!

No problem, it was a fantastic game! Short, sweet, right to the point, and very entertaining! Thanks for making it!

The game was really entertaining. It was short but sweet, had some interesting story that anyone could get behind, and had me really invested in my friend The Process.

This is a really amazing game. I can tell that it must've been heavily inspired by portal however you took it to an interesting new level. New puzzles, new mechanics, new game. I love it and I'll be playing it on the release on Feb. 6th!

Amazing game, really felt immersed in the queue. The queue is me. I am the queue. The queue is everything. The queue is good... yes. 

Such a weird amazing game about eating unhealthy healthy foods!

Truly eerie and entertaining. I would love to play more of this game when it comes out so I'll make sure to stay up to date! Great idea you have here, it's VERRRRY spooky~!

Fun game, very entertaining however there isn't as much as I'd like to do in the game.

This game is VERY entertaining and I'd LOVE to see more come out of it. I give it an 11/10 on YELP.

Okay, cool! I might finish the first chapter in that video as well just so I don't miss anything anyways. Thanks for letting me know, can't wait to play chapter 2!

Oh dang! Guess I'm just dumb then... say, how much more to the game is there? If there's loads more I would like to make a 2nd video but if that's pretty much the end then I might just keep that one video.

What a terrifying and amazing game! Though I wish that bug would be fixed because I'd love to play more... :'(

Parkour never looked so good! Hoping to play more if the future yields more gameplay.

No problem! Hoping to play more of your games soon!

Amazingly fun game! Really silly, interesting, and  cute. Did really well on those 80's vibes as well.