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Camping Grounds Game Studio Ministry

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T _ T

I am going to follow you and your work. : D

Bună, numele meu este Davis Don, eu sunt un dezvoltator de joc pentru viață. Vreau acțiune artistică adeventure laudă și cult jocuri.

Let's be friends. :D


Awesome! ^_^

OMG! I'm Romanglish! half American and half Romanian. Let's stay in touch. I love Romanian culture so darn much! :D

Hey guys I want to market the living out of my games and friends both Christian and Secular Indie studios. So!... What is Camping Grounds Game Studio? Camping Grounds  Created in Chicago Illinois owned by me Davis Don on a mission to create Unity3D Visual Novels. Background themes are camp, Romainglish, rock-solid Christianity, and endless Expansion of Virtual Kingdoms.

Please spread rumors about my studio and yours too! ^_^

Happy Developments!

Awesome! I love games with the mind.

Nice to meet you Ben. That's wonderful to know.  Music is a gift.! Great to know your calling. :)

Thank you Chuko! I appreciate your response.  :') I am looking forward on everyone's Dev Walk.

Hi I am a Christian game dev. If you need help with anything in Christ. I Davis Don with love to help you. (John 14:14)

Hi Charles nice to meet you. Whatever you do finish college A.S.A.P. because the college debts are serous.  O _ o

Yes.. it's feels amazing to have a army of team devs. That power of team work is amazing! Use this power for inspiration. Nice to meet you ReadyPlayer7.

Nice to meet you Jenny! :)

Ohh nice! That's awesome to know! Have blast at it! :D 

Hi Fernando. Good luck with your game dev projects. Have a blast in your hours of development.

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Hi Martine! Nice to meet you.

Hi everyone My name is Davis I am a Unity3D Visual Novelist that focuses on camp, Romainglish , rock-solid Christianity, and endless expansion of Virtual Kingdoms. 

Having a game dev walk is to grow as a stronger game developer in the Indie gaming industry.

What about you new comer? I want to know more about you too guys and gals. To be welcomed in this indie family. We are all here to make what we all love to do for a living. To express the art we carry in this dev journey. 



The game has a interesting art vibe. I like it. >;)


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Hi My Name is Davis I like  to make small nugget game worlds for a living. My First game is called The Unspoken Valley 4.3 it's a genre it's a soft horror. Meaning it's spooky and creepy all the time and no jump scares.

Download The Unspoken Valley 4.3

Hi my name is Davis. Nice to meet you all.

I wan tot tell you I like creating small nugget worlds for a living. Almost like a novel for games. And I only spend 3 months on each project. Right now I have one project in my portfolio. Like The Unspoken Valley 4.3

While back I was very crazy on the internet in 2017 because my doctor didn't help me with my schizophrenia. I am more calm and relaxed and professional than ever. I have new doctor to help with my illness. I am not a monster you know I am a person who has scary thoughts at times.Creating worlds get's my mind out of crazy and stupid things even though I am a art nerd. hehe

What about you? :)

This is the real legit only game i made.

No they are not, for the whole world knows i am a scam artist on religious games. Listen, we the whole world start like scam artist, then we become more more legit. I am very sorry I am a faker. But the world knows that. But honest to truth. I desire to make AAA Pentecostal games for Jesus.I don't give a care what people  say, think and scream because I am religious man; so bad people can stay away from my life! I still desire to make religious games for what I believe and bad people stay away from me and my family. So yes no games.

I love making religious games anyways!

This one.

Praise Praise to Glory on highest to praises.

lol I am not sure XD I just want to make video games for Sunday school.


I know right?

Praise Praise.


Praise Praise.

The Names Davis Don I desire to make Pentecostal video games for Jesus Christ.

Hi My name is Davis Don I desire to my Pentecostal video games for Jesus.

My name is Davis I am a Game developer for Jesus Christ of Glory and Peace. G. A. M. E.