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It's not been abandoned 🙂. 

Hi 😊

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed. 

I'm actually working on Tommy's route now after tentatively finishing Ellis's route. 

It might still be a while until release though I'm afraid, since I'm currently working on this on my own. Truthfully, I could do with finding a co-writer, but since I'm funding it out of my own money, I can't really afford to pay for a writer right now. 

I'm going to do my best though so that everybody gets to see all of these characters stories come to life 🙂

Hi! Thank you so much! :)

I've had a look at the CG's in question, and I think that 2 of them are probably the CG's for Endings 1 & 2 which are somewhat jokey endings that can be unlocked by consistently choosing certain types of answers. I'm not sure what the 3rd missing one is however. The remaining ones after are all from the Halloween update, so I'll have a look if there's maybe a small glitch with one of them :)


Thank you for your message. 

If you're talking about in this build specifically, none of the routes are completed, since it's still a demo 🙂. 

I'm still deciding whether to release individual routes when they're complete or whether to wait until the game is finished/ least a couple of routes are finished before releasing anything :), but either way I'll make a post announcing it when I do. 

I hope this helps, 



Apologies. The Android version is taking a little longer to come out, as it needs slightly different programming, and is a little more difficult for me to bug test (due to different sizes of phones/tablets etc). 

I'll try to have it out by this weekend, but it may take till the end of the month depending on if we find any bugs/problems. 

Sorry for the delay.


Thank you for your comment :) 

I can kind of see what you mean with the sprites ^^. 

I definitely was a little hesitant when it came to accessories or etc, where maybe I could have made them a bit more distinct ^^

Hopefully for future characters/games, you'll like the designs a bit more :) 

I'm glad that the cutscene art looks good though :) 

I'm currently working on adding more choices to the final chapter for the updated demo, and I'll definitely look at adding more choices in earlier scenes as well. 

Thank you for your feedback, and for your interest in our game :D I really appreciate all the support that we get. 

I hope you enjoy the full game when it comes out. 


Hello :) 

Thank you for your comment. I'm actually really happy when people make videos playing our game, because it's really interesting for me to watch and hear people's thoughts or see them play. 

I'm releasing an updated demo soon, with the DLC character intros and some fixes (such as adding more choices in the final chapter and an ending), so it might be ideal to wait for then, but either way, you have my blessing :) 

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for your interest in our demo. 

- Cami


Thank you for your comment 😊.  I'm really glad you enjoyed it. 

Don't worry, I'm still making the game. I'm currently in the process of making an updated demo with a few new endings and introductions to the DLC characters for the sake of a second Kickstarter if we hold one. But no matter what, we're still making the game. It's just a bit more slow going right now as it takes a little longer when funding it ourselves 🙂. 

If you want, you can follow the development on our Discord server, which is where I'll probably post the updates first 🙂, and also just chat to fellow fans and etc. 

You can join here:


I really really love the interactions between the characters :D

The conversations really hit the mark for me, whether it was the fun little banter as they explored or the more emotional scenes that really resonated with me.

I can definitely see the effort that went into every part of this, and it paid off!

I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together when it's finished :)

Thank you so much :D 

I won't spoiler too much, but all hope is not lost with the blonde character. There is a 7th route after all ;).

Thank you for your comment, and I hope you enjoy the full game when it comes out :)


Thank you :D

It's really nice to see comments like this. I've started working on the full game now, so I hope you enjoy it when it comes out :)


Thank you for the message :) 

It'll definitely be a stretch getting as much as I can for this game on £1000 haha, but at least it means I'm able to continue working on it. 

Thank you for the offer to partner with us. It's something that myself and the other developer would have to think seriously about, so perhaps it might be easier to talk over email? :) 

Our email for things to do with this game is: 

Or if you let us know your email perhaps we can message you about it. 


Hello :) 

Thank you for the message :) 

Sorry that it took me a while to reply. I'll respond here rather than on the Kickstarter since it seems a bit easier. 

It's a good suggestion, and we did consider a patreon initially, but my worry is that I just wouldn't have much to show/offer people on a monthly basis. I could try to release one chapter a month, but I think that without all the assets I need, it wouldn't be my best work and I'd feel very conscious putting it out in that state. I'm not sure what else I could offer to make it worth subscribing each month ^^'

Thank you for following us, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game :) 

I hope you enjoy it as much when the full game comes out ^^

Thank you, 

And thank you for all the support you've given thus far :) 

Honestly, it might have been easy to get discouraged and stop working on the project if it weren't for all the really kind comments I've received that make me determined to release the full game for the people that enjoyed it ^^

Here's hoping that with some more time and effort, I'll have more success next time :) 

Thank you :D

I realised I'd not yet taken out the line that said the Kickstarter was still live, sorry about that ^^

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it though :) 

The plan is for there to be another Kickstarter when I've finished writing/programming the game, so your support would be really appreciated :) 

Thank you again :) 

Thank you very much :) 

I'm glad that you enjoyed it :D

I hope that you'll enjoy the full game just as much when it comes out. 

No worries, they're valid questions and I imagine there's quite a few people that want to know the answers :) 

We'll probably launch the 2nd Kickstarter either-

When we have finished all the things we can do by ourselves such as the script and sprites/programming. 


When we think we have enough followers/backing that it'll be successful. 

Whichever comes first (I'd imagine it'll be the former.)

We'll probably offer the same perks (with maybe some extras), although before we launch the second one I was planning to get some feedback about what people would want to see ^^. 

That's our current plan. It might change in the future, but if it does I plan to keep everyone updated and in the loop :) 


Thank you :) 

It means a lot to hear that ^^. 

It's something myself and the other creator have discussed a few times, because it would definitely be helpful considering we're making the game no matter what and each donation would improve it. The only thing is that I have my worries about allowing people to make donations outside of the context of a Kickstarter, because I want to make sure that people are getting something worthwhile in return for their money. If someone donates, say £20, I want to feel as if they've gotten something back that matches that value. 

It's something that we're still thinking about ^^

I'm the meantime though, I really appreciate your words and support :) 


Hello :) 

Yes, sadly I think you're right (although I want to remain hopeful myself ^^). 

Thank you for supporting us. It's easy to get demoralised with the Kickstarter not succeeding, but there's nothing more motivating than seeing that there are still people who want to play the finished game :) 

We won't give up, even if it fails. Luckily, £1000 from the Kickstarter is from a family member, who's said they're going to give us that money even if it fails. The current plan is to use that to buy the sprites we need and a few backgrounds, and continue working on the game. When we have a version that's complete apart from the remaining art that we can't afford (which will be CG's and backgrounds), we'll try and re-launch the Kickstarter. If it succeeds, great :). We'll buy the CGs and backgrounds we're missing and can release the game as we originally intended it. If it fails again, we'll probably release the version with just the sprites, so people can at least see how the story ends ^^. 

I'll probably make a longer post going into more detail when the Kickstarter ends, but hopefully this should at least reassure you for now that none of us intend to let this game go unfinished. 

Thank you again for following this game and for backing the Kickstarter :) 


Haha, I'm aware of the resemblance Ellis shares to Killua, although it was unintentional ^^

Hopefully I'm able to properly distinguish him as his own person in the game ^^

Hello and thank you :) 

I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

The release date for this game is somewhat dependent on the Kickstarter campaign that we're currently running. If it's successful then we hope to release in the first half of 2022 at the latest. If it's unsuccessful then release would take longer since it would have to wait while we can get the funds ourselves (or else we'd have to make it much smaller scale. 

We don't really have a projected release date if the Kickstarter is unsuccessful, although I would continue to do what I could for the game, and make sure the script and programming is finished so that it's only art assets we were waiting on ^^

Either way it goes, when the Kickstarter is finished I'll make a post with the planned next steps and make sure to cover plans for release :) 


I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure. It might be that there was a problem when you extracted the folder? Sometimes that can lead to the game not opening. 

I can only suggest re-downloading and trying again. If that doesn't work, I can try and help further, but I might need more details :) 

Thank you :D 

I'm glad you like him. Ellis is definitely a cutie when you can get past his initial defensivenesss <3 

I was very nervous about the music we had in the demo haha, since we were working with what we could get at the time and that was somewhat limited :) I'm glad that you liked the music for his intro :) 

Thank you so much! :D 

It always blows my mind to see comments like this and see the support we've received thus far. 

I'm really glad that people are enjoying the characters and story and it makes me excited to share more :D

Thank you so much! :D It's always really nice to hear that someone has enjoyed our game :)

I'm glad you're looking forward to their routes :D Marissa and Jack are definitely fun to write for :D.  I'm still hopeful that we may be able to get the funding we need, but I've also got some plans for if not, we definitely won't be giving up on this game :)

I always knew I wanted to include polyamorous routes if I could :) I wanted people to be able to experience the friendship or romance in our game in whatever way they wished and I think there are some really fun and interesting dynamics for me to be able to write :). I hope you're able to find an answer you're comfortable with soon :)

Hello! Thank you :D 

Completely the opposite, I'm really happy that you did. We've heard feedback on the story and characters, but not in depth feedback on the aesthetics like that, so it gave us a lot to think about :). There's definitely a few things that we can take from this to make it better going forward and that kind of feedback in invaluable :D

Thank you again :) 

I was considering an Ellis/Artemis route actually 😃. But I wasn't 100% sure on it yet. I have a good idea for their dynamic, but not the full shape of their route haha. 

That is also a really good point. I would like for the DLC characters to get funded before their polyamorous routes are ideally, because I think it would make them better/more meaningful. 

I'll just have to see how it goes I guess 😅.

Hello ^^, 

No need to apologize :) 

Unfortunately the current plan is for the game to be in the range of £10 - £15 to help make back the costs of making it, and fund any future projects :) . I've been in the position of only being able to play free games before, and I do hope to be able to make a game that we can give out for free to give back to the community, but it will probably have to be a little smaller in scope, or when we have more money to spare as a 'studio'. At the moment, we're just getting established and we need to see if we can make a profit just to know if we can feasibly be indie-devs at all ^^. 

If you want any recommendations for some great free games though, I can happily share some. I hope one day to be able to add to that list myself. 

That might be a good way to handle it actually :D

I'd have to make sure people were aware of that when buying the tier, and that it was equal to the others (or offer it slightly discounted maybe), but that would make a lot of sense :) 

Thank you for your suggestion :D

Yeah, it's definitely something that I've been torn about, because if it's included, it will be challenging to get it to  feel as organic and natural in the game compared to them dating a character they have a pre-established relationship with, or no one at all. 

But the money for those tiers would really help towards funding the game. 

I guess I'll see how it goes ^^

It might be that I think I don't need those tiers to get the game funded, or it might be that nobody picks them anyway 😂😅

We're definitely planning on having an original ost for the game, so that's not a bad idea. Thanks :D

I'm setting up a Discord community now, but I'm a little new to how to do it. I'll definitely consider it though ^^. I can try at least. I'm not sure how I'd price that haha, so I guess I'll research how some other Kickstarters did it. 

Thank you again for the suggestions :) 

Haha, I was really hesitant with that reward for that reason 😅😂

That makes a lot of sense! And sounds like a really good idea actually. Thank you for the suggestion! 😃

We're almost definitely going to go with that honestly because it quite neatly solves the issue with the DLC and is a good, non-physical reward that I hadn't considered. Thank you again 😃

Thank you :D I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm both nervous and eager for the Kickstarter myself haha. 

Haha, I'm pretty sure I know what the first stretch goal voted on will be then :) .  

I'll make sure to lay out which Polyamourous routes are available before I open the vote, but Tommy and Ellis is definitely one of them ^^.

I'm also going to make sure to reveal the additional characters before the vote opens, so people can go in with full knowledge :).

Haha, I'm not sure what their ship name would be xD. Ellmmy is cute though :D

Thank you for playing, and for adding your thoughts :)

Thank you for letting us know which ones are most important to you right now :D 

I'm not 100% set on what the costumes would be yet, but I know swimsuits would definitely be one. Formal clothes might make it into the base game, in which case we'd go for something else so that this tier still gives plenty extra :) 

I'm glad you like the Chibi's :D

We commissioned all the art for this game, which is our main expense that we're raising money for. I really love all the work the artists have done for us :) Make sure to check out the credits and maybe check out some of their profiles/gigs (usually on Fiverr, where we found everyone thus far) ^^. 

Thank you for letting us know :D

That definitely seems to be the popular choice. Our original testers were vastly in support of it as well haha.

Thank you so much for this comment! :D This was a really nice thing to read. I'm glad you like Tommy. I definitely have a soft spot for him myself haha, as you can probably tell from my icon ^^.

(1 edit)

Hello. Thank you so much! :D I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. 

Sorry for the confusion haha. The Kickstarter isn't live yet :) The plan is to raise awareness for the game in October, and start the Kickstarter in November for the best chance of making our goal :)

Thank you for playing our game and following, it really means a lot to see a message like this :D 

Thank you so much! :D I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It's my first game so I've been pretty nervous about it haha. 

For the first question, we did actually really want to allow the choice for polyamorous relationships :) The current plan was to have  polyamorous/matchmaker routes as a stretch goal in the Kickstarter, where you can either be part of the romance, or watch it play out. I really want to include this even if the stretch goal doesn't get met, but it would probably have to wait until we have made some money from the game so we can pay for the art and stuff ^^. 

That's a really good point about the file size also. I hadn't really thought about it, but I could definitely get rid of a lot of those sprites. Thank you for the advice :D