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No problem. If you have any other questions I'm always here to help.

You could run it with a single GM and Player but I wouldn't recommend it just because of how hard ttrpgs can be. I'd say at least 3 to 5 players and a GM is the sweet spot.

There will be a sale for it next month when I launch the supplement on June 24th. So, maybe you can pick up a copy then and take it for a spin.

Yeah, just confused by this line of conversation.

I'm doing fine...

Sure. Just grab this key quick and take a look.

So, should I initiate another or is it going to be all of the money available?

I requested a payout one week ago and it's still in review. I have more money waiting to be paid out and am scared to even ask for it in another payout. What's taking so long? I needed the money a week ago. I've already emailed support but have gotten no response.

It's a ttrpg.



You have received this most urgent invitation to Everspring at the behest of your sovereign Queen. The Vernal Equinox is upon us and a delegation of the worthy is to be sent for peace talks in The Green Lands of Spring and you have been selected for this most honorable of tasks. Should you fail in your duties to secure a peaceful exchange of power between The Seelie and Unseelie you will be executed, so take care what words and deeds you use to persuade our breathren and ensure you represent the throne with the utmost respect and dignity--and as always, adhere to the Rites of Hospitality and Decorum or risk the loss of land and title.

As always,

Your Queen

I've got some community keys for The (Un)Seelie if anyone wants to check it out and leave a review!

Thank you!!


The rules don't specify if they're allow or if this is only for video games. If I were to submit a ttrpg would that be cool?

Thank you! I am a bit of an obsessive worker. When I get an idea I have to work on it. Pretty sure my fiance hates me. lol

Thanks for the feedback as always. I do plan on going back and doing some revisions in the near future. Just have a couple other projects I'm working on at the moment and needed to get it out there for a couple jams. Funny part is, I worked on it over the course of about a week and would love to go back and refine a few things, and add a few new features. If you get to play it before then, let me know how it went! 

Thank you! Funny thing is the Cliffhanger Table was a very last minute thing I thought would help solidify the theme of the game.

I think most of the love for 2d6 is rooted in Lasers and Feelings using 1d6 and wanting a little more variablilty. But thank you for your comment, sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm glad everyone is getting Scooby-Doo with real aliens vibes or even The Goonies or other kid/teen adventures from the 80s and such. 

I think most of the love for 2d6 is rooted in Lasers and Feelings using 1d6 and wanting a little more variablilty. But thank you for your comment, sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm glad everyone is getting Scooby-Doo with real aliens vibes or even The Goonies or other kid/teen adventures from the 80s and such. 

Thank you!!! We've been hard at work converting it into an actual corebook for a game with more options for expanding beyond one-shots as well as expanding on some of the mechanics. Right now, Archetypes are the only thing perplexing to me as we expand the game with more customizeable characters. But I'm glad you think it looks good, testing it has been fun.

I'm not even close to being a graphic designer. What I do is compare my layout to the layouts of similar games--in a one page or two page I look to Lasers and Feelings primarily but any ttrpg could work--and ask myself if it flows or looks at least comparably to that game. If not, I try to fix the issues keeping it from looking right. Like, alternating the fill color on each row of a table or adding a column to separate them then removing the lines for a smoother look, etc.

I'm feeling this one. I love me some weird west and your system is unique and seems fun. Only complaint I have is the format of the document itself--specifically that table at the bottom of the first page. I know we're cramped for space but consider using columns or something because the lack of space between the two sides of that table definitely made it a nightmare to read through there. The idea is fantastic and I definitely think this could be something special.

I like the idea but the execution seems to be lacking. Why even create a character? Why not spend the second page expanding more on the concept of the game rather than the blurb on the first? The concept is there, but it needs more development.

I think the idea is solid and love the "that's too much rule" but the tone feels off to me--can't put my finger on why. While the rules are light--leaving me little to talk about--I would like to bring up a few things I noticed: the reliance on google and the angel types.

We all know how to google, yes. But telling your players to google something kinda does the idea of a two-page rpg a disservice. If I have to google things to understand something in your game, then there is a failure in the document to fully explain the issue. Relying on google to fill in the gaps feels wrong.

And the angel types would honestly be fine--maybe a bit problematic, but fine--if not for the inclusion of Cenobites. Cenobites are fictional creatures from a Hell Dimension of Clive Barker's design. How this presents an issue is the second someone googles them, it dramatically shifts the tone from demons trying to escape from angels, to demons trying to escape from demons.

Makes sense. I would just mention that on the pamphlet.

While I agree, all of the Advantages and Disadvantages are narrative to begin with and mone do anything mechanical even while playing. These are all used to add spice to a situation just like  Big Damn Hero and Despair in Defeat. What they do during a game is more up to the interpretation of the GM and Players.

I love the idea of the module and the aesthetic but what system is it for, how do you play it?

I love the idea of this game. The theme is great, the mechanic is pretty well fleshed out, and the perks and gear are great. You did a great job there and in adding ideas for stories, but I feel like there is definitely at least one thing you're lacking: character creation. Sure, you can run the game but who are the players playing, how do they make these characters. Without something like this it feels almost like a gunfight simulator with story tacked on as an afterthought. Honestly, you could go either way with it and take out the story side of things and focus on the fights or revise to make room for character creation and it would feel fine. Another issue I have is in the ammo mechanics, while it can be fun to simulate some things like this, many tend to leave ammo counting out of their games when running things like D&D for a reason. Given the lack of explanation for how to get ammo--unless I am missing it--it seems like a forced end to a gunfight rather than a narrative tool. Overall, this seems fun but incomplete. 

What I've been thinking is giving the Jock something like, "Big Damn Hero: You're an action star or hero in your own mind." for their Advantage and playing with the idea of them being too courageous for their own good. While their Disadvantage could be, "Despair in Defeat: You don't handle loss very well at all." 

Ahh, yeah, I was following Lasers and Feelings as a guide and they dive into character building before everything. I prefer system info upfront too.

Love the criticism, thank you. I did double check the first mention of Sports and Smarts in the doc and it does show what they are right there in the second step of character creation.

Love that you loved the Dog, we tested the game and the Dog is 100% the most overpowered archetype in the game while also being the hardest. As for the Jock's Advantage and Disadvantage being things that would appear to be a given, we treated all Advantages and Disadvantages as more a narrative tool than anything that offered a mechanical edge/hinderance. Even the Nerd losing their glasses was more to help build tension in a scene than something that added modifiers or stopped rolls. For the Jock we acutally used them to further the idea that the Jock would just innately be better at things using a Sports roll and could pull off more over the top actions than others, but would have trouble recalling how to tie his shoes.

The Alien races are still a bit in flux, originally the Krol had Chest Bursters for their influence but we changed it when we decided to push for an actual book and look for more aliens to add. The Toxoplasma Gondii wil be gone in the next patch of the two page to reflect their actual Influence.

And funny thing is, I was talking it over with my partner the other day and voiced my concern about the Overexertion/Lazy rolls being reversed and have wanted to flip it so having someone else voice a concern with it is going to have me so just that. It's one of those things that felt right in writing and when I played it, it felt wrong. 

The intention of the Alien Influence being basically a get out of jail free card was to give players more agency over their rolls while increasing dramatic tension. In the playthrough, it worked. We never made it to six because the plot twist we rolled up converted our Jock into a Draqnal drone. I do need something for the 6th point that pushes it further but the limited length made it hard to fit something like that in. Right now, I'm thinking a last desperate attempt and maybe an auto crit. I want it to stay in line with that 80s alien invasion plot where people commonly give it everything knowing what will happen.

But overall, you've given me a lot to consider. I am working on an actual expansion of the game into an RPG akin to Luke Westaway's GravityRIP in terms of size and ability to be played beyond a single session. But I do want the two-page to be a solid and fun experience.

Thank you, so much!! I came at it from both a narrative mindset and that of a GM. I've been working on homebrew systems for over two decades and wanted to make it simple but definitely cruchy enough for GMs to enjoy themselves too.

Thank you!!! We had fun making it and testing it and the art from my partner is bringing a nice, playful edge to the game that we found in the first test--we always kinda knew it was there but it REALLY came out at the table. Glad you think it looks good and hope you get a chance to play. If you do, let us know how it turned out. Any impressions would really help us further develop the concept.