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oh, okie

it sya that it was updated one day ago, but who was updated

Hey Andy, I forgot to get a screenshot of this but, on the Android version of this vn, it does not display the text right, instead of going horizontal like it should be so we can read it, it is going vertical so we can't read it, again, sorry that i forgot to get a screenshot of the problem

oh ok, thank you

actually, I never thought of that

I think he meant the bear cop, in coach's route


Hey Andy, since it said that it was updated 22 hours ago, who got updated

dont you mean, a great route

when could the next update possibly be and has it been updated for the end of december

hes most likely a patron

would it be goodnight or goodmorning because it is 2:37 am for me right now, so I am going to set it on download and then go to bed, goodnight

must have been because my grandparents internet is slow, hughes network

(1 edit)

the first time that I downloaded it (pc, Windows), the download went fine, but when i went to extract the files, it said that the download was invalid, i deleted it and I am trying again, hopefully it goes well this time

(Edit): yay it worked

there are 2 naming parts at the beginning, one to name the file and then the second one is to put in your name

He doesn't have a new day yet

This update is actually really good

sorry for acting pushy, who is it gonna be

when are you thinking of updating again


Who was updated

if it's not that, then it could possibly be your network, I've had that trouble with other games


When would the new update be

I can download other games, it's just this one, when I get a chance to have higher speed internet I'll try downloading it again, but thank you anyway

thank you

Who is being updated in the next update?

when i try to download it, this has happened 3 or 4 times now, it will go to about 420 mb's and say Failed: network error, when i click retry it says Failed: Forbidden


oh ok, thank you

there is not a button that i can push that says download on my pc

there is in the credits, all of the songs should be there

I can't believe that I have to wait until tomorrow to get the update since we don't have internet at our house

(1 edit)

right now there is only coach, Chester, Spencer, dozer, and Darius, but if you read above, he plans to make more 

Maybe even richard

P.S. Spencer is my favorite

thank you

Hey dyne, quick question, is there a way that we could possibly delete our old saves?

to get the image gallery, you have to be a 10 dollar patreon

I wasn't really worried about the saves, but thanks anyway

for the update to apply, do you have to delete and then redownload the game or will it just automatically apply to the game?

i actually decided not to go with Darius until the next update, and also for it to update do you have to delete it and then redownload it again or will it just automatically apply the update, just wondering

i forgot about that