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i'm sorry how would i manually import the code?

ah, you're right, there isn't should i try re-importing it?

I upgraded to the newest version of gm live for the newest version of gamemaker and i get this error when trying to use it in game, i've had it working before so i'm unsure why this occurs.

error message: 

Variable <unknown_object>.gml_thread(104895, -2147483648) not set before reading it. at gml_Script_anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program_1477_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program (line 63) - var l_th=new gml_thread(self,l_scr.h_actions,l_args1,l_locals); ############################################################################################ gml_Script_anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program_1477_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_program (line 63) gml_Script_live_proc_call_impl (line 33) - var l_th=l_pg.h_call_v(l_scriptName,l_args1,false); gml_Script_live_call (line 74) - return live_proc_call_impl(l_data,l_vals,l_def); gml_Object_oUIMessage_Draw_64 (line 1) - if (live_call()) return live_result;

I'm also struggling with this one, i think the theme and style is very unique but i can't think of a good idea that is at least somewhat do-able in the one day we have, i had an idea for a semi horror/exploring game but i don't think it would be interesting enough and also not very possible to complete in the time frame we have.

As long as the project file isn't created before the jam starts, any assets, or code can be pre made.

If you want to lean a programming language i would recommend Gamemaker studio 1 or 2, there is also a drag and drop feature available in this as well. It's in my opinion the best engine for new beginners, that's how i started.   

I'm a programmer/pixel artist looking for people to work with on this jam, you can have any level of experience, i'm particularly looking for; 

-an artist

- musician

- programmer

 I can work in GML and i am currently learning C# in Unity. 

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I'm a new independent developer that works exclusively in Gamemaker studio 2.0x,  I have a couple of new projects in the works but could really use some assistance to help speed up the process and also meet some new people to collaborate with and potentially start a new dev team with. 

You can check out my published work here

  • I'm currently looking for:
  • A pixel artist [1-2 years experience]
  • A Programmer that can work in gamemaker2.0x [2+ years experience]

Join my discord here if you would like to see my current in progress projects or discuss things

Please note:

- I cannot provide any upfront payment.

Any questions please either message me here or add me on discord: Callumsb7#8204 thanks

Thank you, i agree, the controls were more of a last minute choice and i should probably update them, a couple of other people seem to have suggested an expanded version of this game so i may look into it for the future.  

Thank you, I wasn't necessarily going to continue work on this game into the future but if more people show interest then i may consider it since there was alot of features here i wanted to include but simply didn't have the time. 

I went into this game thinking i wouldn't enjoy it but i actually really did, i love the rpg feel of getting stronger and taking on better enemies, a couple of things to critique is probably; the sudden change from the weak enemies to the big horned creatures was very sudden, perhaps an enemy in between that is half as strong would be a good change of pace, the boss itself while a good challenge but there appears to have a few spots of the room he can get stuck on, other than that i quite enjoyed it, great concept.

Good concept, i think there is potential here, just requires a bit more time to be worked on, perhaps sound effects and more level layouts would be a good start.

I liked the use of the unnecessarily intense music, it added some comedic value, i liked the deflation of the circles aswell.  

Really cool presentation, it feels very put together with the screenshakes and exploding effects, the soundtrack is also just very good aswell, great game.

Fun small game, Liked the use of the particle effects.

got to level 7, fun puzzle game, was challenging too so good job, especially for your first jam. 

Haha thanks, i know, i could've made more of an effort to make easier controls but thank you for the feedback!

For your first game  it is of a high quality so you should be very pleased with the outcome.

I liked the use of the trail effects and exploding effects, gameplay was pretty fun, I enjoyed the introduction of new obstacles.

Thank you for the feedback, I can admit i never gave myself enough time to properly tidy up the text system and would be a good place to improve along with the hit feedback.

Fantastic idea and concept, I think the art style and music flowed well together, it gave me a nostalgic feeling of playing old flash puzzle games.

Hilarious concept, beautiful artwork, it's a simple idea and incorporated the theme in an interesting way so well done.

Fun game, challenging too, i liked the cool slime animations. The aspect of having too much of something is a bad thing is cool and would be interesting to see in more games out there

Cool artstyle, wish the screen space was a bit larger haha.

I thought everything about this game was really cool, it has really cool art, the concept is neat and it's challenging, i didn't finish the demo so i'm going to assume this isn't in the game but maybe consider adding projectile enemies to add more of a challenge if you're considering updating this game. so far the best game ive seen in the jam.

Funny concept and idea, was fun to play, however it seems a bit randomised, on the second level i somehow managed to go through all three characters wimping out before i won, i thought it was case of always having a right or wrong choice, either way fun game and idea, just missing more outcomes and sound effects.

Interesting idea, although it feels like a bit of a walking sim after a while, you used the limitation very well in my opinion and the art style is cool however most of the first few mirror boxes i found to be very straightforward and easy not sure if it was intentional or not.

I think so, a colour that changes opacity is counted as another colour technically.

Hello, i could use help with some sound effects if you don't mind, add my discord, i can give credit aswell,  Callumsb7#8204

Hey, mind if i use one of your songs for my project? i will give credit.

I believe so, black and white are counted as colours in this jam.

Looking for someone that can draw in a heavy steampunk style and feel, my game is going to be based around protecting machinery from running out of power or being destroyed and i need designs that give off a mechanical and steampunk vibe, similar to Factorio.