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I changed my os to Windows10 x64, and instal the cuda 10.0 and the cudnn, 

and I used the Dain-App Alpha 0.21, it works fine now. 


OS:  Windows 7 x64

CPU: Intel i5-4440

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

I used the Dain-App Alpha 0.2, and got this CUDA called failed

Really thank you!

那看来是我这边问题, 我再调试调试~


你好,大写字母的 "W" "X" 对应字有问题,望修改

Hello, awesome game!
I got the true ending. I really like your game even wrote an Introduction with Chinese on some forum. But some of my friends still have the problem with English. So if you are willing to do the Chinese Localization. Please contact me. And I have to say I do not konw much the Unity engine, the work I can do maybe expend some your times. 

If you are interested in making a Chinese language version, please send me the text of the dialogue script. I will do it. I really like this game.