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LOVED IT! i am a huge fan of every game and i've never gotten tired of them!

played the game back when it was a demo. thinking about playing the full game tho :)

The game is actually top tier comedy. 10/10

i gave it a go and man did i do a bad job lol. however good game and i will definitely check it out again sometime!

I recorded the video a while back and just finished the edit. I loved the game and I am also gonna play the whole game once it releases 

loved it!

super fun. I liked it a lot!

this game is a cute, funny game, man. I want to see more!

really enjoyed the game. really fun stuff cant wait to try out your other projects

this game is actually the scariest game I have yet to play on this website. thank you for it. here's the video of me being a big baby lol 

playing this game was so fun a little confusing tho but i really enjoyed it! good job can't wait to test out future games :D