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i read this in  under 20 minutes as i was so excited for it to be out on itch!! i'm already so invested, and everyone's so cyuute.. i can't wait for chapter two!

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update 10/4: not that much rip, schoolwork's been in the way. goal is still to finish spider's route, there's a tentative cover and some pixels for fun finished as well as the opening having been written. i'd like to play around with the graphics of twine and make some fancier things happen, as well as route-exclusive mechanics, but the brunt of my focus is on the writing.

(spider is a beautiful girl who i can visualize perfectly now, so there's that).

working title is 'beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers'; a multi-path twine novella based on the language of flowers. i'm too weak not to make the yuri connection, heh.

plans are to have at least one route done by the time it's finished, and reshiramas @ ao3 is helping me out with character dev and mapping. there's 4 characters planned, so far, with in depth details on only one -- the main character isn't quite a blank slate. her name's stella, and while the player will have some choices, she still has a clear personality.

- mc summary written

- worldbuilding mostly finished

- spider character finished, route tba

uuuuuuuuuuuuh idk what else to say; feel free to ask anything you want!