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I have not stopped thinking about this story since I read it about a year ago. This is one of the few horror stories that has stuck with me, and I think it always will. Well worth a read.

The way this story is connected to Sapling is interesting and makes me very afraid. I read this story awhile ago, but as RoAnna said in another review, it really is something that stays with you.

Stamps is a short story set in the supernatural town of Haven, Maryland. The story follows Cricket - an autistic postman - as they follow the postal code to the letter to deliver mail to the residents of the town. 

This story was written out of a desire to see an autistic protagonist take front and center in a story, and to show a glimpse of the unique perspective autistic people often have on the world and its inhabitants. Many people see autistic people as different than them, but in this town where everyone is different, it's easier to see everyone for what they are: people. 

The game is free/pwyw if you'd like to send me at tip. This is the first short story I have published to, and I sincerely hope everyone who reads it enjoys it.