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I can relate with you with the wanting to improve, but not improving fast enough. And I 100% lose my patience really fast, because often I just feel like I haven't improved at all. Sometimes I feel like I did a fluke that looks good and I can't replicate it anymore in the future, it feels like I've gotten worse. It's all in my head, but I can't shake the negative feeling off.

ONE is amazing and I'm pretty jealous of him. I'm pretty sure he's fairly decent with his art, but he just intentionally doesn't as much effort in it as he could have and his manga is so nice.

I actually have some experience and knowledge with Paneling, Narrative techniques, etc. (Scott McCloud's book or PDF files talks so in depth about it and it's lovely), but I haven't really been practicing it at all. I probably should start doing some comics, even if it looks horrible. Cinematography is something I'm somewhat practicing, so I at least have that. I'm not really passionate about these subjects, but I do look into them and try to understand them. I probably would want to try and write stories aside from Visual Art, since I can later on apply it and make a VN or Comic out of it. I don't know why, but I feel like I need to get good with basic art first before I do that, while I know that it's better to practice a few multiple things at once, instead of just solely 1 thing. I'm not really good at writing either, so that's probably why.

As for the Visual Novel, overall I did think the pacing was pretty good. I do agree with you there are slow parts. I do have my criticisms, but I decided to not start, since I won't be able to stop and it'll end up being a huge wall of text hahaha.

Thanks for reply! Motivation has always been an extremely huge struggle for me, I never really improve since I always get too demotivated after a month and don't draw at all. And after like a year I try again and the cycle just repeats itself haha. Maybe drawing just isn't really for me, but when I think at all the ideas I could express in drawings... (Visual Novels that I could make, comics that I could make, etc.). That is what makes me want to try again. (Though my motivation usually don't last).

I do have to say the pacing of the visual novel is pretty good. It isn't too long winded and tedious as some other indie visual novels I've read. Teal's situation at the start of the VN is also very relatable, (aside that Teal is already decent at drawing). I might redo the drawing in a later time just to adjust a few things here and there, but that's if I manage to continue to practice and get a bit better at it, haha.

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Aaaah, someone beat me to it with a fanart, hahaha.

Here's a fanart of mine that I have been postponing forever, since I don't have a Joyce to push me and support me to actually finish it. (There are some inaccuracy, but oh well. Too lazy to fix it now!)

There's a lot of things I want and could say about the Visual Novel, but it's going to end up like a wall of text and the comment section might not be the right place to post it.

I hope I'll get enough motivation to keep practicing and become a good enough artist so I can create neat stuff like a Visual Novel as well.

That randomness can be funny at times. "Has been single his whole life." then "Killed his wife".