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THIS IS FOR ANY SKILL GROUPS so dont think your too much of a beginner or too advanced.hey for ages ive been wanting to create a game with other people. I tried to get it together before, we aimed too big, so after a year, ive come back to the idea, i now program stuff as my job (well apprenticeship), but its very different then game development.

this is purely a hobbyist thing, and if we do sell the game for money, an agreement would have to be first agreed on by everyone involved, but selling it is not the goal.

I would also like this opportunity to be a way for me and others to make friends.

We will be using Unity, cause its free, and most people know how to use it.

So what do we need:maybe 1 more programmer and 1-2 artists

I understand people have a life as well, and there is no pressure to do anything.

Game Ideas will be discussed in the server, its everyone's project not mine.

my discord is Caitlyn#6877 if ur intrested