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i don't think we'll be extending the jam ending since we have particular reasons for making it today (spring equinox!!) BUT itch lets me allow submissions past the deadline on a game by game basis (it lets me generate a specific submission link).

if you or anyone else doesn't make the deadline but wants to submit a spring game contact me on twitter @cakeknuckles or email me at 😁

here's a new link! i thought i'd made the last one not expire but oops, just updated the jam page.

hi, everyone who got an email about the created discord might be a bit confused!

as i was writing it i ended up using a different invite link, but when i pasted the new text it kept the existing link (and i didn't notice), so clicking it brings you to the old one which is invalid πŸ˜…

pasting the url text from the email or clicking the link on the jam page should work. sorry for any potential confusion!!

ah, we didn't expect much turnout so we weren't prepared with a server! we're making one now and it'll be posted on the jam page and mb sent out in an email update πŸ‘

@uchihajuggala, i'm not sure if you get a notif for me responding to the top comment of the thread, so this is just in case! but you currently have to line up the bottom center of the dirt sprite with the hitbox of the pot, it's less than ideal at the moment, lol

ahh, it was something i meant to fix that i didn't have time to!! you kind of have to line up the bottom center of the dirt sprite with the hitbox of the pot, it can be a little finicky. sorry bout that!