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Caique Assis

A member registered Dec 22, 2016 · View creator page →


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For those dying to the skellys: GIT GUD

Hey guys! I've just released my new game, SENTRYBOT 3000. It's an arcade game that puts you in charge of testing a new generation of robots. Inspired by classic arcade titles like "Berzerk" and "Robotron 2084", you'll need to be quick on your reflexes to avoid incoming shots on a game that gets progressively harder.

Give it a go here:

Hey! Gracias por jugar Free for Fall!

Hey! Thanks for the gameplay on your channel!
Yeah, about the screen, that was a serious issue that would be pretty hard to fix on later dev stages...let's just say I fucked up. But yeah, expect a better resolution from my next games :P

Hey guys! I've just released my game, Free for Fall. As the post title says, it's a fast paced action arcade game about skydiving without a parachute while shooting mecha eskimos and rocket penguins. There are 16 items to buy on the shop, including support items and new weapons / costumes, that change the gameplay style a little bit. Find out which combination suits you best!

Give the game a try!

Here is the release trailer:

I hope you guys play the game! If possible, feedback is appreciated!