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Caio Ferreira

A member registered Aug 22, 2018

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Question: I started playing the game via but I just activated the game on Steam. Is there a way to transfer my saves over to that version?

Quick question: does the demo allow me to transfer save to the completed version (whenever that is done)? 

Guys.... Guys just let me pay for this already.

Aha, ok. Makes sense. I was originally afraid of having to start over but honestly I am having so much fun it wouldn't have been that big of a deal. 

The demo is really very polished and long (I am 2 hours in and haven't reached the end yet). I assume this demo really is the final game just with a "block" until the full version comes out?

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Hey, awesome (and the demo is pretty impressive too, so far)! Is the transferring of the save going to work like a  NewGame+ type deal (like it seems to be between this demo and the last), or will we be able to continue straight from where we left off? (Again, not a problem either way, just curious). 

Would the demo allow us to carry progress over to the finished game? That is ultimately not hugely important, but it would be nice to get started early hahah

The hype. Is real. Just to confirm: you guys are releasing the game exclusively on (It doesn't matter either way, but I am curious)