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steam release when?

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This looks cool !, love games with option to be nudity!! Like how Conan exiles has 

have you thought of releasing this on steam soon?

will this game have nudity(but not in p88n way) ? im hoping for it

Possible steam releasE?

Have you thought of making discord channel of this? 

ANd possible Steam release?

Love this type of game man! its like almost 2D witcher game with explicit adult content!

Is there nudity content in this game? (full or topless as in alternate skin or for cutscenes purpose?) , im hoping for it.. 

Add nudity toggle option ( like how rust have?) where you can have option to take off and on undergarments with censor filter( if its going to have clothing and clothes craft feature?)

La Douche community · Created a new topic steam version?


its not free :/ 

ok i just checked the demo yesterday, looks cool,

Will it have hair physics?

k , Yeah its fine.. take time .

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Is it possible to add survival nudity like how other games has such as  Rust, Savage Lands(EA), Conan exiles and SCUM(EA) ? 

im kind of fan of that.. 

When you releaseing this on Steam?

Is there nudity option for this or can possible add that?.. 

Possible Demo version ?