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Thanks, really appreciate it. I'll make sure to put chains and locks on the next one so no pc could erase it even if they tried.

This is in the same genre as Mr. Krabs overdoses on Ketamine

Would've liked sound for the explosions but overall solid game. Congrats!

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Por decir la verdad, es un juego dificil de jugar. La idea es interesante y la inclusion de fisica para la bola es impresionante pero no puedo ver donde se queda la curva de dificultad para un jugador que esta jugando por la primera vez. Pero sin embargo, felicidades por tu juego!

Bien hecho, de verdad bien hecho. Me sorprendí mucho por la atmósfera que has logrado crear en este juego y también por los cambios de posiciones de los interruptores. ¡Felicidades por tu juego!  Y GODOT MENCIONADO VAMOSSSSSSSSSSSSS

GODOT IS GOOD GODOT IS GREAT This is probably one of my favorite ones from this entire jam, I love how many different minigames there are and how some of them are like coding a game in real life (infuriating). Huge Congrats on your game!

Pretty cool game, I love the simple pixel art style that you chose for it.  Also I love how the little electrical contacts are just the godot logo but pixelized. Hell yeah. Congrats on your game!

decent game, something that did bug me was the timing of the lightning strike which at some cases was consecutive which gave me no time to react in comparison to the other ones which did make it a bit unfair at times. Congrats on your game!

I think the hitboxes are a little weird to get adjusted to but overall really enjoyable. Congrats on your game!

I'm kinda impressed with how balanced this is as a tower defense game especially considering it was under a major time constraint. The game was polished and the art style was solid, I really enjoyed it. Only thing for me is that the shooting is slow and doesn't make for very exciting and tense gameplay but more relaxing. Nonetheless, congrats on your game!

pretty interesting platformer, I like the use of the dash button and the spikes taking away time instead of making you start all over again. Congrats on your game!

Hmm, I'm not sure why this could be the case. It strangely shows the glow from the lightning strike instantiated into the scene but not the actual sprite. I'm sorry this happened to you, could just be a problem on my end for using exporting it in Forward+ so I could use glow (Godot 4.2 doesn't let you export a game to be played in browser mode with glow). I currently don't have a fix because this is genuinely something I never thought could happen but thanks for voicing your concern. I'll be taking this into account now and next time I make a game for a jam using Godot.

jesus christ this was made in Godot, I don't even know how you guys were able to do this but it's executed so well here. Congrats!

pretty cool atmosphere, i dig it. Also you're using godot, hell yeah

as a fan of dark souls, you got me 

Took me a while to get the hang of but once I got into it, I really liked it. The game has an addicting nature that with more time could have someone play for hours on end in their free time. The art is also extremely good and very distinctive from its simplicity. Extremely great job, congrats on your game!

Good job, the controls were easy to maneuver and the wall jump actually was very forgiving. It was a pretty nice game experience. Congrats!

A very engaging and consistent game, some games do well in some areas and fail in others but this one does everything great and dares the player to keep going even if they die. I like the idea of using lamps as checkpoints and the bird dying from being out of shelter for too long. Congrats on your game!

I think the game is a bit too restrictive on the player. I do think it's very bold to go into 3D and even more impressive than that is that it's more or less polished but it's difficult having to traverse from one side to another trying to get everything up and going without some indicator that a wire got cut loose or a machine needs even more materials. But I commend the visuals and the polished state of this, especially considering it is 3D. Congrats.

The visuals are really impressive in this game but unfortunately, the level design is impossible to follow and just makes trying to find even three of the pedestals hard to remember. If it were designed like a maze with barriers and dead ends, I would've enjoyed this more. Nonetheless, congrats on your game!

Thanks so much!


Pretty nice experience, My favorite part was pushing a penguin in front of the train and pretending like I was Omni-Man. also nick swift are you related to taylor swift cause if so I will give this game a 0/5 in every category

at least it's not mine where the timer keeps going even after the player dies

Extremely well done game, I never would have thought about using one hand to stop the bomb and control the ship as a game mechanic but it works perfectly here. It even has commercial game quality. Congratulations!

Intriguing concept, I would've liked to see more levels from this but overall nice game.

One of the best games I've played from this jam so far. I really love how well the mechanics work together and the design of the levels that make you want to go through each one as fast as possible.  The art, music, and animations work well together to make it easy to follow (especially the titles). Everything was simple to follow and done extremely well. Congratulations. 

I was a bit invested at first but having to inexplicably stop every few seconds with no way of preventing it makes it a bit unplayable, it wasn't fun at all. But I do like the backgrounds and the decision to make it look 3d. Maybe next time it would be good to include an indicator so that the player would know how much energy they have lost or a timer that they can prevent from going down to 0 to make it more interesting. Regardless, congrats on your game!

good for a first game, pretty basic but it gets the job done. Congrats!

Really impressive collaborative effort you guys have made. Between the art, the music, and the mostly polished gameplay, it makes for a pretty chill yet engaging experience. Congrats!

cool music and the controls were easy to understand, just very short

Thank you so much, the song is Thrash Metal Instrumental - Death Sentence. I'll be updating the game later and the game page so that all the links with the assets borrowed will be properly credited (I literally had to submit this in an undownloadable state just to get it in on time)

Really love this submission,  the art and music are so good and combine so well with the gameplay that while simple, is polished and well executed. Spectacular job man ;) 

Like the game, still has some bugs with the weapons (the e button following you everywhere even if there's nothing to loot) and enemies (being able to steal and hit them through walls) but I love how unique it is in relation to the theme of the jam. Congrats!

Nice game, I think the mechanics are smart for the player to manage their energy levels to get to the end. The only thing I don't like is that even if you complete a level, your health still drains and you may be required to restart the level all over again (which has happened to me on the last three stages numerous times. But besides that, congrats on your work!

It's a good start but it's more like a prototype more than a proper game. I do like the electric theme that's present here, I thought it was a really good idea to use a robot dog charge up with anything electric to use against enemies and I hope you keep developing games because there are so many more things you'll be able to implement well once you get more of the fundamentals down. Regardless, congrats on your game!

Pretty fun game, really impressed by the utilization of 3D here. Also really clever interpretation of the theme with the art direction and the little battery you control. Congrats!

I'll include it in the screenshots and maybe I'll be able to update it with a tutorial before tmrw so that players will be able to figure out how to play the game easier. Sorry, that's on me. Appreciate you took the time to try it out though!

fair enough, that's on me. I'll include it in the screenshots as gifs so it's easier to understand (note that this was derivative of another idea I had for the game but couldn't make it work)

Interesting game, I'll be honest I had to go through a number of tries to finish it. Wasn't the best time on browser but that probably wasn't the way it was meant to be played anyways but overall, extremely well done. Congrats