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Ok, I think its fixed

Thanks! I might know the issue but can't implement it for a little while.

Weird, you're right I just had to reload the page. Figured out the dice mechanic on the second play too lol.

LOL I thought the legs were a boar and the chest was a dog and was wondering if I was combining animal-style attacks with elements. Cool game, loved how you did the armor and the text.

Soooo fun. Vampire survivor vibes. I like how you incorporated the dice with the attacks.

Cool game! Lost at the boss. It was really neat that you could reroll the action for a cost of the dice value.

Fun game! had some lagging going on for some reason.

Thanks! :)

I was not able to play this game. It says the download is missing its pack file. I think you have to include other stuff with the .exe file.

I liked the idea and the art but the combat felt way too fast and the aiming felt a little off. Maybe that was sort of on purpose to be random?

Amazing game! I loved all of it, although it got a little hard and I was forced to just roll forever until death.

Very fun! my expert strat is to swing around in a circle :)

Soo polished good job. I loved the backgrounds, and the puzzles were a good difficulty.

The sound is so satisfying, a really interesting idea if not a little monotonous after a while. I think some more variety and auto-clicking would be super cool.

Thanks for the feedback!

Just saw this. It's a web game so you should be able to play it in your browser?

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Thanks! It's a bug with the background if you go to far from the starting area. It will be fixed after the jam is over!

Glad you enjoyed it! We will have to add in more after the jam.

Thanks! We will have to add that for sure.

Could not get past a minute haha. Very great looking as always. Love the dice-throwing eyes.

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The game feel in this is super nice and I love the art. It was a bit too hard for me. I wonder if the explosion matching mechanic could be made more intuitive.

Cool idea but it's really hard to stop in time to fire at the red balls. Also sometimes you get stuck on the wall and even though you are not moving you have not "landed" so you don't fire. Maybe there can be a jumping mechanic to quickly dodge the red balls and then land and fire shots.

This was really well polished as a platformer. I kind of wish I could just freely jump around the level more instead of doing puzzles. You could fall off the map pretty easily but it was kind of cool. Maybe those could be on-purpose secret shortcuts.

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Pretty cool, I think the store should automatically open after a wave is finished. I liked the art and how the cards would chase you in a wall.

Pretty cool. I'm glad you had the tutorial because I don't think I would ever have figured out how to end my turn haha. I think it would be good if the dice was auto-rolled at the start of the turn.

Haha so weird in a good way. I wish there were some dice clacking noises. Why did you not let people land on the floor? This could be a really funny game with some humans talking trying to figure out where you landed.

Really great game! gave me SNKRX vibes but chiller.

Very good atmosphere. I liked that the levels progressed even when you died.

Nice job. Cool way to pick attacks.

Nice idea. my dice were also getting reset, it would be in the beach level whenever I would go on top of the little plateaus. The respawn time in singleplayer was way too slow. The menus were a little confusing.

Ah true good point lol

Nice idea! I wish there was a mode where the dots were just numbers.

Nice polish all around and a cool idea! A couple of things to update could be to make dice rolls only necessary with enemies in the room and to reset dice rolls when you enter a room.

This was really good!

Yeah made it in 2 days and have not gone back to it lol. Thanks, hope you are doing well too.

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Wow thanks for the in depth comments. That's awesome you are making a similarly themed game, can't wait to see it!

Nice idea for adding cutscenes. It was tough to incorporate the backstory with the time but glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback on the gameplay!

I'll have to look into rotating with the middle click, sounds difficult haha. 

Thanks! 😀

Ah sorry about that. Basically you have to make sure the trash does not get a over a certain level while also combining it together to make the environment get better. Thanks for the feedback!