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Thanks! Yeah, that would be cool.

Thanks for trying it out! Yeah there is no real loss state in there. Something to improve upon.

Thanks! I look forward to what you do as well.

Nice, I look forward to it! I already am lol

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!


Great polish! The graphics and effects were all-around awesome. The gameplay was pretty nice too but some of the collision aspects to the enemies were a little buggy or something because sometimes they would slide around after moving or not get hit.

Thanks for playing!

Nice graphics. It seemed like the player did not have health. It was fun to beat up the bad guys but sometimes they would hide behind the drill and it would be hard to get them. I ended up just spawning skeletons so that they would take care of stuff for me.

Cool game, nice art and mood. I liked how things visually showed more chaos after biting people got worse and worse.

Cool idea! the tutorial is painfully slow since you have to listen to the text every time.

Whoa! super neat! loved the wackyness and the interactions with the actual computer lol graphics and music worked well together.

Really cool art! It was a tough game, maybe there are too many obstacles lol.

Really cool effects with the swords, especially that lightning one and the post-processing.

Good job for your first game. Sort of like pokemon. As SilversMind said more player feedback is definitely needed.

Very cool art and story idea. I thought this was going to be a management game with humans and gods but story/exploration is cool too.

I love the particle effects and simplicity of the game. Very satisfying to play. I think this could be fun too as a more linear game.

Nice polish and graphics! It was a little hard to aim, maybe if the reticule was smaller it would be easier? I liked the premise of the game in general and especially the extra lives audio and the health as ammo.


The intro was super clean! I really liked the game but the invisible boundaries felt too restrictive. I wish the area was bigger and that there was a no mans land around the town you could run around in. It was fun dashing and feeling so powerful with the knife. 

Thanks! :) glad you liked it.

Not sure how to play? Do we have to use google? Regardless I saw the video when it came out, very cool to create a version for people to ruin friendships over haha :P

Really cool game! reminded me a little of "age of war". It was fun to build structures but it was pretty hard to keep them intact while fighting off the enemy. Maybe the pieces could have a structural integrity component? so that they don't die immediately from the canon. You could also add a way to repair components. I think it would be cool if the islands were bigger to allow for more complex structures and opening it up for ships damaging the structure without that being too overpowered.

Better player feedback in the form of sound and better hit effects could have gone a long way and the airship was confusing. I was thinking it would just be a slow bomber run that does damage to everything. 

ooooo interesting strategy

Superb game! This was super fun and the art was very pleasing. Very polished. The gameplay was very fun too and even when getting stumped for a while I wanted to power through to figure it out.

I liked the art and blood effects and the rocket effects. I'm not sure why the game is laggy? It seems like you could make something like this that does not lag.

Nice idea! I liked the balance of your own survival vs. getting your virus minions to do stuff. I was confused about if I was supposed to do anything other than killing the blue cells. I would watch the kurzgesagt videos on youtube about how the infection-fighting system works for more inspiration.

Thanks! Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks! thanks for the suggestion.

Very cute audio and story. The game was cool but it got a little frustrating since it's mainly how accurately can you click the people. I think making that a little more forgiving could be better like with slightly larger hitboxes.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I realized after that I accidentally created that soft lock problem, sorry 😕. Population I think goes negative because the police can hire from the provinces too with a hidden "loyalist" stat that pulls from the population but is not affected by your follower count. So for instance you can pull 5000 out and the population drops to 1000 but the police might have 5000 loyalists that can still be pulled out and subtracted from the population.


I get ya, I think it was just like "no I said go away stop coming back to me >:(" lol

Yeah, I noticed the indicators you mentioned but I think you could make them even more noticeable. 

I think that the game right now is difficult because of the time pressure since you cannot pause and make paths but I think it would be more interesting as more of a moving puzzle where you are trying to make sure stuff does not collide. So while adding better indications may make avoiding collisions easier, the real difficulty will be having so many space ships it's hard to find a solution where they do not collide. You could even add a timer to the ships where they need to get to the port in a certain distance or else they will starve or something to add more difficulty. 

All just my opinion on what I think would be fun though based on playing mini motorways lol.

This eel thing is so smooth! It feels so good to just see it flow across the screen. The difficulty ramps up a little much with that giant sea creature that comes into the picture. Scared me the first time haha.

This idea is great! The battle feels very smooth as well. The main thing I wish was that I could select god powers with the number keys. I also think that all effects should be area of effect like the thunder so that you are not so focused on clicking the exact guy.

Cool game! It was pretty hard and I think it needs better player feedback on where things needed to go, for example, a large round highlight at the docking station you need to connect the ship to. I think having a pause button so that you could plan routes and then having visuals of where ships will collide would be good.

I would say to play something like mini motorways for inspiration if you have not already.

Sweet art and particle effects. It made it hard to tell what was going on. I sort of wish there was some location the car was trying to get to rather than it just aimlessly moving around.

Interesting idea! I thought the missiles were damaging me but then saw that it was just natural decay. Also, it looked like the score was always 92. I was playing the web version.